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There are uncountable ways to discover an addiction, and you reading this is probably one of the ways to discover your addiction to FIFA Ultimate Team just like me, so welcome on board.

For every FIFA addict, scouting the exchange market in search of better players to build your dream team is like a routine. Doing so, you can easily get frustrated, especially when you come across some vital players that could very well improve your teams such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, but only to find out that they are worth hundreds of thousands to millions. Gosh! This is so depressing guys. It became obvious I needed a FIFA ultimate team autobuyer.

The fact is that affording top tier FIFA players is no child’s play because you need to have millions of FIFA coins from which to some of us are a dream that never gets to convert into reality.

So, I’ve decided in this article to share with you guys a not only common but very potent and legal strategy that made me easily build my Ultimate Team which comprises of top tier players that some players could only dream of having, easily by trading in the exchange market. 

Trading on the FIFA exchange market can be energy and time consuming, and the fact that you need to be a very good trader for you to earn well through trading can also be scary, but this does away with that. 

Fortunately, there are some FIFA legends in the community that have us at heart and would go extra miles to ensure we enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience, and this guy in particular; Mike Miranda, chose to help us out with an everlasting FIFA trading solution called

FUTMillionaire is a FIFA trading center that renders all-inclusive trading assistance to help out other traders. This includes expert advice on live market deals. The members’ area is superb; you’ve got to check that out in person.

The most interesting part of this platform is the Autotrading part. This feature provides users with full trading automation. With this, every trader has what it takes to become excellent and earn huge profits from trades on daily basis.

Another thing that might interest you about the FUTMillionaire trading center is the trading tips and lessons that’ll not only get you FIFA coins but also real money.

FUTMillionaire’s AutotradingBots comes in pairs; the FIFA21 Autobuyer which scouts the exchange market for super deals and executes them on your behalf, and the Autobidder which bids for items on the exchange market and hopefully win them for you. All these for sure depends on the information or instructions you fed the bots with; like the type of card you want it to look for, and the price you’re willing to pay for the card in view.

The bots are excellent because they don’t play beyond your rules and interests, just as you would in person. Their main advantage is that they always outrank human buyers to quickly win trades for you and they can execute as many trades as possible, 24/7. More of these trades mean more profits.



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What could be more consuming than getting addicted, and at the same time unable to afford your dream team? I can’t think of anything worse. 

So now that you know about FUTMillionaire, and all other information are in your possession, what would you do next?


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