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3 Christmas Treats to Bake This Holiday Season


Among all of the shopping, parties, and decorations of the holiday season, it is nice to take some time to get into the Christmas spirit by whipping up some classic Christmas treats. Not only do holiday treats help to bring about the smells and tastes of the season, but they can also make for an excellent gift to share with friends and loved ones.


However, not everyone feels like they are skilled enough in the kitchen to take on complex recipes. Thankfully, most classic Christmas treats aren’t overly complicated, and with the right preparation on hand, you can create some truly delectable holiday delights.


Here are three Christmas treats that anyone can bake up this holiday season.


1. Sugar Cookies


Nothing says Christmas quite like the smell and taste of classic sugar cookies. There are a variety of recipes out there that range in sweetness as well as density. Some are soft, while others are crunchier. Whichever variety you decide to go with, the best part about making sugar cookies is the fun you get to have decorating them.


You can start by choosing the type of frosting that you want to go with. Buttercream options work best if you are planning on using sprinkles and the like to decorate with the kids. Royal icing can create an elegant and glossy effect that your friends and family will love. You might even want to do a variety of cookies to enjoy. You can use walmart coupons to save on all of your cookie-making decorations so that you can make as many types as you want.


2. Gingerbread Cookies


Another classic symbol of the holidays is a plate filled with gingerbread man cookies. These sweet and spiced cookies are a classic for a reason and will fill your home with a delightful and distinctly Christmassy scent. You can use a variety of cookie cutters that are made in festive holiday shapes.


You can even use these sturdy cookies to create some adorable Christmas tree ornaments if you want to add some variety to your tree this year. Just simply poke a hole in the top of the gingerbread cookie prior to baking and run some colorful string through it when the cookies are cool. 


3. Fudge


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a selection of delicious fudge to share with everyone. You can go with some classic chocolate varieties or get creative with some other flavors. The beauty of making fudge is that you can whip up any flavors that you can think of.


White chocolate is a great choice for the holidays, and caramel is one that never disappoints. The more confident you become in your fudge-making abilities, the more varieties you can make up. You can even bake a variety of fudge that can be given as Christmas gifts. All you need is a few holiday tins in which to package it all up, and you will have the perfect gifts for friends and family to enjoy.

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