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Are velociraptors really what they are portrayed in movies and books?

Are velociraptors really what they are portrayed in movies and books?

If we learned something from Jurassic Park is how amazing dinosaurs are, especially the very intelligent raptors, but were they really as smart as they were portrayed in the movie? A raptor had a bigger brain that many other dinosaur species even when compared to bigger sized creatures. The velociraptors which are portrayed in the movie aren’t really as big as they show as they are around the size of a big turkey. For their age a velociraptor was really smart, just as smart as an eagle, turkey, chicken though not as intelligent as parrots.

There were bigger species of Dromaeosaurids such as the Deinonychus and the UtahRaptor with the UtahRaptor being around the size presented in the movies. The velociraptors were very cunning though it is speculated their brains had developed more their senses rather than thinking power. These creatures were known for hunting in packs as they mobbed wounded animals. In reality, it is hard to make concrete many factors about a dinosaur’s life, but there have been many proofs of groups of Dromaesaur’s tracks which make us believe they were social animals. Here are a few more facts about raptors:

Velociraptors weren’t big creatures:

There are many different species of Dromaeosaurids of a variety of sizes ranging from some bigger than an adult human to others that can barely reach your knee. The species known as velociraptors are smaller Dromaeosaurids and not like those portrayed in books and movies. The biggest Dromaeosaurid known at the moment is the Austroraptor, which is closely followed behind in size by the Achillobator, Dakotaraptor, and UtahRaptor.

Velociraptors did hunt in packs:

A lot regarding dinosaurs is always left to speculation, such as their habits and methods of hunting. Dromaeosaurids were known for being social creatures as there have been many fossil findings that prove this being true. Barnum Brown managed to discover a fossil of a Tenontosaurus being surrounded by a pack of Deinonychus which is a slightly bigger relative of the velociraptor. This can lead us to believe that just as other Dromaeosaurid species the velociraptors used to hunt in packs. What is unknown is if these creatures hunted prey bigger than their size, as it is known that dinosaurs and other creatures hunted smaller or similar sized prey.

It is believed Velociraptors where feathered dinosaurs:

One of the biggest misconceptions found in both books and movies is the portraying of featherless velociraptors. Velociraptors had quill knobs on their bones, which led to many scientists to assure that these creatures were feathered and not scaly like it appears in the movies. Despite having feathers the velociraptors were unable to fly, as their small arms were used to catch prey instead of flying. It is believed that a much ancient Dromaeosaurid ancestor was capable of flight but was lost most likely due to evolution.

The velociraptors were indeed a carnivore specie:

Just as the movies and books demonstrate the velociraptors were indeed carnivores. It is believed that these creatures hunted for the biggest part of their life as smaller creatures as their way of sustenance, though there are also many indications that there were constant disputes with the Protoceratops which are a smaller ancestor of the triceratops. There is a good possibility that these creatures hunted in packs for bigger prey, though it is believed that when they did, they hunted either wounded or older prey that was unable to defend properly.

The Velociraptors were not from America but Central Asia:

The velociraptors lived in what is now Mongolia about 70 million years ago, as the Dromaeosaurids that lived in America where its bigger cousins the UtahRaptor and Deinonychus. Usually, you would speculate that given the Hollywood treatment that the Velociraptor received it would be an ancient American species, yet the fossils excavated from Velociraptors were all found in Central Asia. The bigger cousins of the velociraptor also resemble more to the portrayal given to the small raptor because the UtahRaptor is believed to weigh around 1,500 pounds when fully grown and being its size slightly taller than an adult person.

If you like raptors, then you surely need to learn more about the Dromaeosaurid species in general because the velociraptor and each of its cousins all are Dromaeosaurids. There are many more interesting facts about the velociraptor species, its cousins and many other dinosaurs and fossils are the best way to discover how they lived, such as their environment, hunting habits, skin, intelligence, size and more mp4moviez !

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