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8 Easy Ways to Maintain Body Weight Without Dieting


Any person, who at the cost of incredible efforts has lost extra pounds, would like to consolidate the result and keep his body in a new form for him. The trouble is that not everyone can do it. Of course, nutrition during weight loss cannot remain that way all the time, but you cannot return to the old habits that led to weight gain.


If you always gain the pounds lost on the diet, then you will be interested in the following ways to help you keep yourself in shape.


  1.Don’t Starve Yourself 

It doesn’t matter by what system you lost weight and how long the breaks between meals were. If your willpower allowed you to endure a long-term hunger strike, then honor and praise yourself. But nutritionists do not recommend doing this, as the longer you starve yourself, the more likely you are to overeat later. 


Try to eat not 3-4 times a day, but 5-6 times. Naturally, the portion size must be halved. I must say that fractional nutrition is part of many therapeutic diets because under such conditions the digestive system does not suffer from overload. It digests and assimilates food better, which means that all metabolic processes proceed normally. Follow this rule and your body will remain in the same shape.


   2.Get Rid of Alcohol

Our body takes a lot of energy to digest ethyl alcohol. Therefore, a person feels extremely hungry and starts to over-eat due to the constant urge to satisfy this need. You do not want to get re-gain the weight which you lost after so many efforts, right? So just get rid of this bad habit.


If you do excessive drinking and can’t get rid of it then maybe you should contact a nearby rehab center. They can facilitate you in leaving this bad habit. Moreover, you can get the facility of residential rehab so you can move freely without really getting admitted and get rid of the toxic habit. You can choose any option for saving yourself from substance abuse and gaining weight.


 3.Drink Lots of Water

It would seem that everyone has heard about this recommendation many times, but few people remember it in the bustle of every day worries. Meanwhile, to maintain your body weight at the same level, you need to consume simple clean water at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of weight. 


Few people know that the center of hunger and the center of thirst in our brain are close. And often the body perceives signals from one organ as signals from another. Therefore, before saturating your stomach with something nutritious, you need to think, maybe you are just thirsty?


   4.Fresh Fruits and. Vegetables Can Help Maintain Body Weight

Most often, we eat fresh vegetable salads as an addition to the main dish. Fruits and berries replace our dessert after a hearty meal. And we try to use them for example, as a second breakfast or afternoon snack. 

If you know in advance that a difficult day is ahead and you are unlikely to be able to have a normal lunch, throw a couple of bananas in your bag – this is a great snack that is quite capable of satisfying your hunger and helping to wait for a full meal. If you prefer vegetables, then opt for non-starchy representatives, which are incredibly rich in fiber, quickly fill up, and prevent you from bingeing.


   5.Don’t Eat 3 Hours Before Bed

This advice for maintaining normal body weight can be called one of the most important. Indeed, even if you make mistakes in food throughout the day, eating junk and high-calorie foods, it is unlikely to do more damage to your figure. Therefore, do not have a plentiful dinner before bed. 


The thing is that the calories received during the day have time to be processed into energy and at night when the body is resting, and all biochemical processes slow down. Everything consumed can be deposited in excess fat. 


Therefore, 3 hours before bedtime – light dinner and no snacks. But if there is a sudden feeling of hunger, then it is best to take a glass of some fermented milk drink. It will be a guarantee that your beautiful body will not lose its hard-won forms.


   6.Exercising and Sports

Good nutrition and sports have been identified as the two main ingredients for well-being and good looks. If you are all right with the first component, and the second is lame, hurry to correct this situation. Of course, it is difficult for a person who is far from sports to immediately start going to the gym and carrying heavyweights, but this is not necessary. 


You can find a huge number of other ways by which body weight will remain the same. The main thing is that they bring pleasure. Then you will practice regularly. Someone bets on swimming, someone enrolls in a dance club. Start small – exercising in the morning and see how it affects your well-being. Surely you will appreciate this way of keeping your body in shape.


  7.Replace Simple  Carbohydrates with  Complex Ones

If earlier you could not imagine breakfast without a fluffy bun covered with butter, then try replacing it with cereals or oatmeal. Finally, you can grab a slice of whole-grain bread. From the point of view of nutritional value, simple carbohydrates are not of interest to our body. Moreover, they are capable of provoking sharp jumps in blood glucose. 


Also, the abundance of muffins and pastries in the diet adversely affects the skin, provoking the appearance of various rashes, but do you want to have a beautiful body? Complex carbohydrates are absorbed more slowly and give a boost of vivacity for a long time. Porridge is very good as breakfast – buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, etc. As an option, you can pour muesli with milk.


  8.Arrange Fasting Days

It is especially useful for those who make mistakes in nutrition and, no, no, yes, they take liberties in the form of fast food or sweets. Bodyweight will remain unchanged if you at least 2 times a week arrange fasting days. Which products to choose for this – decide for yourself based on your preferences. 

The option involving the use of buckwheat is very popular. Someone eats only fruits and vegetables, and the latter is allowed to be stewed or steamed. A good mini-diet includes; cottage cheese with the inclusion of berries and fruits, other dairy products. In any case, do not forget about the drinking regime. Herbal teas can add attractiveness and health to a beautiful body.


Summing Up

All these measures will help you maintain your body shape, but you shouldn’t dwell on this either. All changes should go smoothly, without much coercion. Then you will adhere to them automatically, without much thought about getting the result. The main thing is to observe the measure in everything and then you will be rewarded with excellent health and excellent mood.


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