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The human eye is an organ which is sensitive, and it is highly vulnerable to injuries and irritation. Safety glasses are essential for eye protection under normal as well as work situations. There is a high probability for an eye injury to occur in workplaces. Significant workplace hazards that result in eye injuries include fallout from welding and lasers, flying particles, dust, and chemical vapours. 


These eye injuries may result in impairment of vision or blindness. One can prevent 90% of eye injuries at workplaces by the use of safety glasses or other protective eyewear; depending on the working environment in which they are worn and the related risks involved. Safety eyewear requires different types of frames and lenses. Let’s look at some of the features offered.



The frame type one chooses for their glasses depends on the environment in which they work in as well as the associated hazards. Safety glasses frames have a few standard features. One needs to use safety eyewear all day long for protection at the toughest worksites. So, it is ideal for their frames to be light-weighted. 


There is a chance for your glasses to fall while doing some work; hence the wraparound fit glasses offer improved safety and protection. The frame designs that offer a panoramic field of vision are beneficial. Safety eyewear frames with non-slip temples provide more stability and comfort while wearing them. It is also essential for the area near the temples to be well-ventilated. Some frames offer brow protection too.



Safety eyewear comes with different lenses and different tints. This variety of lenses and tints help in increasing the wearer’s vision, comfort, and protection. One can select the tints based on the working condition and environment. The different kinds of lenses are:


  1. Clear lenses which are for indoors and dim light conditions to transmit the maximum light. One can use it outdoors as well, but it is always better to use safety sunglasses when you are going outside.
  2. Sunglasses lenses are designed to be worn outdoors. They are available in different tints, usual colours being black, brown, and green. 
  3. Polarised lenses are suitable for outdoor use, especially in water environments. They cut out glare and increase the quality of vision. 
  4. Photochromic lenses are very flexible when it comes to indoor and outdoor use. They are ideal for use in both conditions as they adjust to the varying light conditions. These lenses darken under the sun and lighten indoors.
  5. Light tinted lenses are suitable to use both outdoors and indoors. They provide high light transmission, and one can use them in low light conditions as well. 



It is essential to take care of the eyes when you are working in more challenging conditions. ‘Safety glasses’ is the last word when it comes to eye protection. You can reduce the probability of eye injuries by selecting the perfect safety eyewear for you. 


Consider your working conditions and choose the one with features that provide you comfort and safety. Various kinds of injuries may happen when engaged in high-risk jobs. One can prevent such incidents to the maximum by using the necessary safety gear and eyewear with suitable models of frame and lenses.


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