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7 Functions of an Instant Pot Cooker

7 Functions of an Instant Pot Cooker

Did you know that an Instant Pot Cooker has more than one function? That’s right, the Instant Pot Cooker has several functions. The recipe that you have chosen will include which functions you need to use. Here is a description of each function and how to use it. Take advantage of all of the functions of your Instant Pot Cooker and try cooking new things at home. 

Pressure Cooker Function

This is the main function and the one that has made the Instant Pot Cooker so famous. You will be able to cook hundreds of tasty and healthy recipes with the pressure cooker function. You just need to pour in the ingredients and turn it the manual button and set the timer on. Then finish doing other useful activities while your food gets cooked fast. You can make a variety of recipes such as chicken teriyaki, beef and broccoli, sausage and potatoes, omelettes, several desserts, soups, vegan meals, pasta, among many more. 

Slow Cooker Function

This function does not use pressure at all and it cooks your food slowly. You will be able to carry out all of your slow cooker recipes and enjoy a tasty meal. Just make sure that you choose the right function. You can set your Instant Pot to Cook all night because it has a timer for many hours. You can use the lid that your pot already includes and choose the vent option or place a clear lid instead. Have fun making a variety of recipes such as roasted meat, several types of stew, chili beans, among many others. 

Rice Cooker Function

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Everyone loves ricers. They make the task of cooking rice simple and fast. There is no need to have more than one electric appliance for your cooking needs. We advise that you rinse your water before so it will cook well with the rice cooker function. Press the button and relax. Simple white rice can be cooked with the Instant Pot Cooker but you can also cook wholegrain rice, wild rice, and many other types of delicious rice recipes. 

Yogurt Maker Function

If you are a yogurt fan, then you will love this function. You just need milk and organic yogurt. You will be able to make healthy yogurt right at home. Yogurt is a great option for breakfast or a healthy snack. It does take some hours, but it is much cheaper and fresher than buying yogurt in a supermarket. You can make different types of yogurt such as Greek yogurt and almond yogurt, 

Steamer Function

Steaming is a good way of cooking your vegetables. This allows the vegetables to keep their nutrients and vitamins. It keeps the natural shape of the vegetables and you don’t need any extra ingredients such as fat or oil. The steamer function will cook your food deeper, keeping its natural taste. It is easy to carry out this function. You need to put water in the inner pot and place a trivet which is included in your Instant Pot Cooker package and an oven-safe pan. Place your vegetables in the pot and close them then manually release the pressure after the cooking time is finished. You can cook more than just vegetables with the steamer function. You can steam meat and beans, too. Some popular recipes are steamed garlic chicken breasts, steamed tomatoes, steamed black beans, steamed dumplings, among many more. 

Warmer Function

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This function will keep your food very warm. If you need to keep your food warm, then this function will help you out. Imagine you have a party and you need to keep your food warm because you will be serving at different times, this function will be a great option for you. It will leave your food above 140 degrees. Keep your food warm and bacteria-free. 

Saute Function

This is a great function because you can brown your meat before pressure cooking it just by adding a little water or oil. You can also saute vegetables and help thicken any type of sauce.  Just select the Saute button and choose the temperature you need for your recipe. You can choose among the three functions that are Normal, More, or Less. It will last for half an hour. 

If you want to save space and time, then an Instant Pot Cooker is a great appliance for your home. You can find several recipes online using the different functions that your Instant Pot Cooker.

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