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6 Battery Powered Tools You Need To Have In Your Garage

Battery powered tools are very important and extremely versatile in their application, which makes them of utmost importance to include in your garage, and have them handy at all times. Especially for individuals that are fond of some good old-fashioned DIY projects, or are handy around the house, having cordless power tools is imperative to get things done. Some of the most renowned tools to keep in your garage at all times are from DEWALT Power Tools in Australia. Listed below are some of the top battery powered tools that you need to have in garage at all times:

A cordless drill is at the top of this list and by far the most important battery powered tool that you need in your garage. You’d probably need to make a hole around your home for different purposes whether it be for handing a frame, a new storage cabinet or installing a new component in the kitchen. It is likely to be the most popular tool in your tool box and will probably be borrowed a lot by your neighbours too!

  • A cordless saw

A saw is a tool that you are likely to use a lot around the yard for cutting purposes for your DIY projects. It is recommended that you get your hands on a reciprocating saw, as its regular counterparts can be dangerous to use at certain angles. The same danger applies to circular saws which can be very unpredictable and a slight hiccup in holding it could lead to an unfortunate accident.

  • An impact driver

An impact driver is great for maintenance works such as changing a tire or handling stubborn bolts. It is also very handy for driving screws and bolts into wood or for fastening anchors into concrete. Impact drivers are great for driving screws into metal studs, and can be used in multiple jobs around the house or yard. 

  • A cordless grinder

A cordless grinder is another tool you need in your toolbox which is likely to be very helpful around the yard. It can be used to grind metal, polish metal, cut metal, sharpen tools, cut tiles, cut stones and to remove mortar. It is extremely versatile and its cordless counterpart makes it extremely mobile and easy to use.

  • An impact wrench

An impact wrench is essentially a power tool that provides the user with high torque output with them extertign minimal pressure. It is usually used to loosen nuts easily and quickly from a vehicle’s tire. It is of great help in emergencies and should be carried in your car as well as kept in your garage.

  • An oscillating tool

An oscillating tool or a multi-tool is essentially designed to carry out multiple functions. It is very handy and has a lot of attachments used for different purposes. It can be used to sand furniture, cut wood, trim pipes, trim wood, remove rust, scrape adhesive and to remove mortar.


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While they may not seem that significant, such battery powered tools are in fact very crucial for you to have around the house. They can be used in multiple scenarios and for different jobs around the home.

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