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How to make better decisions with litigation analytics software


The legal research of litigants is unique because they need to have a deep understanding of judges, courts, and opponents in order to remain competitive. They usually don’t have time to find, let alone fully digest and analyze all the data that may be useful in court.

 In addition, Precedent Analytics, which is fully integrated with Dazychain, allows you to gain a deeper understanding of judges’ citation patterns to help you define your writing strategy. Legal Issues. You can also filter out all the cases cited by the judge to get your opinion on this particular issue.

 Data Analysis and Law:

The best legal analytics software can filter and correlate information that is too large for a person to analyze. This technology enables you to quickly extract and analyze court documents, petitions, and any publicly available information.

 You can collect a large number of variables (how long a particular lawsuit has been in court, types of petitions accepted, precedents that judges rely on) to provide guidance and estimates. You can determine how long a particular case will take, the likelihood of profit or loss, and how long the customer will have to wait to reach an agreement.

 Smarter strategy:

 When experience tells us how to deal with past events, sample analysis will increase the sample size of events. In front of the judge, write down the tendency of the competitive law firm to reach an agreement, the arguments for success, the fact chart, and other relevant information. Smart survey tools like Dazychain best legal analytics software can optimize this amount of data and make it immediately useful to lawyers. Experience and intuition guide lawyers to achieve results. The data it contains decisively enhances intuition.


 organizations can use litigation analysis to measure the number of resources needed to solve a problem. The ability to determine the length of litigation and the probability of success of certain pre-litigation motions helps litigants to predict litigation costs and then calculate the bill or cost of their services. It is especially useful when evaluating a case to determine how long it will take to resolve a dispute or settlement issue and how much money may be involved.

Law firms usually need to use external experts to assist in their cases, and an inherently costly decision needs to be supported by data. Through best legal analytics software, it is easier to analyze data on specific candidates and their past work in similar cases.


 By reviewing successful complaints or allegations, the company may evaluate the winning arguments for success in previous trials. Persuade clients to retain their services instead of focusing on law firms that only focus on legal precedents that set litigation strategies.

 Eliminate noise:

 By using analytics to reduce data, you can quickly eliminate noise and enlarge related documents. Through in-depth research and analysis, your team will understand the facts early in the process so that you can focus on formulating the best legal strategy for your clients. You can also help your team use review resources as efficiently as possible and complete more work with your current team. In this way, you don’t have to miss new opportunities due to performance issues. …

 Spending Trend:

 As you grow, the way and where you spend your budget will change. Monitoring spending trends allows you to control internal and external costs and make necessary adjustments.

 First, set a spending target for internal and external lawyers, such as 50/50 or 80/20, and then track how close you are to them. For example, you benefit from the 70/30 internal/external split, and other companies benefit more from the 60/40 split.


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