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5 healthy drinks to consume in the winter time

5 healthy drinks to consume in the winter time

The winter season is here and in the meantime, many of us show a slow attitude, and instead of preparing food, many of us choose braised and hot chocolate or are ready to eat foods.

However, doing this consistently can lead to weight gain and other health complications as these options are loaded with empty calories, preservatives and so forth.

Because the cold is a time when there are flu and fever everywhere, choose these easy winter drinks that will help to boost your digestion as well as help with digestion that will keep you warm.

Basen Milk Aka Basen Sheera

For this easy and courteous drink you just need some ingredients that are readily available in any home. All you need is some ghee aka glorified butter, some almonds, some milk and chickpea powder, This beverage is rich in iron and protein and helps keep cold and coughs at bay during the winter.

Hot Tumaric Milk

Dasi childhood Favorites This is a beverage that is full of nutrients that season promotes our immune system Ingredients Include ground turmeric, ginger, peppercorn and nutmeg. If you do not feel like eating, then someone can go ahead and drink it.

Ginger Tea 

A hot tea cup for winter is a great idea, but ideally one should opt for ginger tea. Experts say healthy has many healing properties and medicinal properties. And that’s why this tea is an excellent hot beverage in the cold season. Anyone can add cardamom sugar and mint leaves as well. Have this herbal concoction and keep winter diseases at bay.

Ragi Malt

Ragi aka nachani food is one of the last things to eat in the winter as it keeps the body warm and help to deal with winter problems. Beverage contain high amounts of calcium and promote weight loss. For the savory version, ragi mixture is cooked in water. Then after cooling in this ragi mixture, buttermilk is added. Some more ingredients like cumin powder, onions, curry leaves etc can be included also.

Ashwagandha milk

Milk, ashwagandha powder, cardamom, black pepper, dry fruits and ghee are the few ingredients you need for the recipe. This particular hot beverage has several health benefits such as boosting testosterone, calms the mind, help to get better sleep and weight gain, among others.


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