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Tech Trends 2020 supplement published

Tech Trends 2020 supplement published

Some of the engineer’s key trading partners present trends and technologies that will shape the industry in the months to come, in the post-TecTrends 2020 supplement.

Regular readers will find plenty of familiar topics later this year, from driver’s licenses to future smart factories but perhaps the real house-to-house point is to the extent that this disruptive and repetitive technology is entering industry mainstream thinking.

One thing is that without a driver less car we have been talking about the unavoidable rise of this technology for years, but in many sense, autonomous vehicles are already mainstream in the form of the most advanced driver assistance system. The emergence of these technologies, which range from automatic lane-keeping systems to smart cruise control technology and even autonomous parking systems are increasingly are key steps on the path to full autonomy and evidence that many of the technical challenges presented but the vision of autonomous driving have already been overcome.

Whilst the major automotive OEMs grab most of the ”driverless car” headlines, many of the key advances are made further down the supply chain. And in this issue, we hear from AVL, one of the key players in the development of a key underpinning technology for autonomous vehicles-the software.

Assault also offers some insights into how some of the world’s most sophisticated airports are acting as innovation incubators and in some cases helping the aviation sectors plan for services that don’t even exist yet, such as ride-sharing and autonomous vehicle corridors.

Indeed, the concept of propelling today’s technologies into tomorrow’s emerging challenges in the future is a one-time thread in this year’s report.

The defense sector has long been a special vacancy where projects take years to plan and result to take can take years, Infect in the past it was almost second to none with the introduction of defense technology and now it is changing.

The rapidly evolving technology is now responding to the wind and still defending forms a huge range of threats needs to further enhance its innovative approach. And there are perhaps few more striking examples of this than project tempest, which is developing The RAF’s future fighter aircraft.

The viewpoint offered by the companies that specialize in this feature offers a great overview of the technological trends that will help will shape our world in the coming months. Nurturing and typing the skills needed to truly take advantage of their areas of interest.

The role of engineers is changing the age of being able to work quietly with our coastal goods is fast approaching and according to these challenges, the industry and engineering education landscape that is likely to be adopted will affect the industry more than any other factor next year.

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