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11 Best Fair Trade Coffee Brands


Coffee is a huge international commodity. Coffee has extraordinary demand in the west. The light roast coffee and coffee bean industry are one of the largest businesses. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of slavery in the coffee industry. However, by purchasing fair trade coffee, consumers are taking a stand. Fair-trade coffee is a coffee that is certified. It is produced to fair trade standards by fair trade organizations. So, here are the best fair-trade coffee brands you should try.


  1. Ground Coffee-Public Goods:- This coffee brand is a pocket-friendly option that has plenty of flavors. This coffee brand incorporates a mixture of Arabica beans from Brazil, Columbia, and Central America. This brand is a fair-trade and also vegan, non-GMO, and all-natural. The coffee of this brand is easily available online. 


  1. Singing Rooster Haitian Coffee:- Singing rooster Haitian coffee is a part of fair trade federation. It works to supply the U.S market with gourmet Haitian coffee by collaborating with small producers in Haiti to form ethical coffee businesses. This brand helps farmers with business training, gear upgrades, and more. Farmers are paid a minimum of $3 per pound which exceeds the average farmers normally make. This brand returns another 50 cents after crops sell for constant business growth. The balance of cost pays for export/import, transport to roastery, warehousing, roasting, bagging, shipping. Since Singing Rooster is a non-profit, 100% of incomes from sales are reinvested into farmer associations in agricultural, small business management, and entrepreneurial development activities. So much great social influence in one cup of joe! 


  1. Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee-Thrive Market:- This brand offers a medium roast full of nutty flavors. It includes flavors such as dark chocolate, toffee, and caramel. This coffee has low acidity and gives you a sweet taste. It is a perfect choice for the no-coffee and coffee drinkers. It is a budget-friendly option as well. This mixture of beans comes from Peru and is roasted in California. It is a certified fair-trade coffee. Along with that, it is paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian, certified organic, and sustainably farmed. 


  1. Cafedirect:- Cafedirect is a fair-trade coffee that is completely dedicated to offer you coffee. This coffee brand has won more than 30 great taste awards in the last eight years. Quality connections have been built on face-to-face gatherings that they carry with every farmer each year. That same approach for quality has earned them Fair Trade and Gold Standard certifications for handling people and the planet. Cafédirect has made around 90% of its farmers stockholders in the business and has pledged to re-invest 1/3 of their earnings back into their producers and communities.


  1. Higher Ground Roasters:- This brand is dedicated to offering the finest coffees the world has to offer. To make sure that farmers and the environment are preserved in their quest for the world’s best coffee beans. They roast completely 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and Shade Grown Coffees. They are forming positive connections from the Farm to the Cup and beyond by building collaboration with non-profits organizations. Consumers can relish sustainable coffees worldwide while promoting the preservation of our wild areas close to home.


  1. Grumpy Mule:- When it comes to trade-ethics, Grumpy Mule is fully dedicated. No doubt, short-term sustainability is easy to achieve, but Grumpy Mule has opted for long-term standards that make their roasting and sourcing methods. They have managed to get Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and Organic certifications for all of their goods to make sure that every brew has a keen story. This brand is a real coffee enthusiast, and you will see that enthusiasm throughout their spirited brand. Check out their top-notch online guides of various coffee brewing methods.


  1. Blk & Bold Coffee:- This brand offers an incredible coffee that has the potential to make a difference. This business was founded by Pernell and Rod, who wanted to sell fair trade products that weren’t just ethically sound but also popular. This brand gives a broad range of roasts for both whole bean and ground coffee. Another option that is available in their unique services is their unique Blk x Blk Farm to Cup Limited Edition Single Origin Coffees. They also offer a wide range of BLK & bold steeped coffee that is freshly ground. It is then nitro-filled for the maximum flavor profile. They have a mission-driven business that donates 5% of all their profits to the youth in both local and national communities. 


  1. Wandering Bear Coffee:– Wandering bears function from the basic belief that we all deserve the best coffee. They offer cold brews that are both smooth and strong. It implies that you can kickstart your morning with a cafe-worthy brew at the comfort of your home. Their single-serve cold brews are excellent for on-the-go mornings or try their cold brew on tap—with this unique way of storing coffee, you will always get the best cup. 


  1. Doma:- Doma has committed to placing their farmers, their identity, and their product display and market. DOMA coffee is guaranteed organic and fairly traded through direct connections. DOMA has revealed their dedication to the planet through its roasting techniques. Most prominently, they use an eco-friendly roaster, which conserves 80% natural gas over conventional roasters. As DOMA has grown, its track has also established partnerships with many community organizations and non-profits to give back to local communities.


  1. Stumptown Roaster:- Stumptown has assisted shape Portland as a coffee Mecca for its purist method to quality. This same attention to detail has also inspired their strategy to ethics. Stumptown uses direct trade sourcing, which means they concentrate on developing relationships and transparency. Stumptown is not a bootstrapping coffee startup anymore, but its product and attention to detail provide a company’s commitments that are making the world a better place.


  1. Laughing Man: Fair Trade Celebrity Style:- It is an amazing celebrity brand established by Hugh Jackman. This coffee brand started with a promise that he made to farmers when traveling to Ethiopia. This coffee brand is fair-trade certified. Laughing man works to make the coffee business more sustainable by working with farmers and their communities. 


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