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How to Buy Real and Organic Instagram Followers

The people at Instagram are constantly adding ways on how to buy real and organic Instagram followers. Apparently, there is a limit to the number of Instagram followers you can acquire before Instagram starts banning accounts that exceed a certain number. So basically, if you really want to make some waves in the Instagram community, you better be creative and gain more followers. You do not have to spend real money just so you can attain more friends; it’s easy as pie!

Paid and Free

To gain more followers, you can use two ways: the paid way and the freeway. If you will go for the paid route, then you better use some special keywords on your account so people who type those keywords will be able to find you easily. For instance, if you are into modeling and want people to know about your recent works, you can upload a recent photo or video of yourself wearing a swimsuit. People browsing through the Instagram feed will definitely have an interest with your account because they have used those words before.

First Free Way

On the other hand, if you choose to go for the free route on how to gain more Instagram followers, then there are a couple of things you can do so people will notice you instantly. First of all, never ever use the word “free” on your account. It has been noticed that many people are using the word “free” when they are actually promoting their paid products or services online.

Use Special Url

Aside from that, you should also use a special URL for your Instagram account. Do not use your regular URL, because people might think that you are just another paid Instagrammer trying to attract more followers by giving away freebies. What people should really know is that you have your own business page where people can learn more about your products and services. So, instead of saying “Instagram Marketing” in your bio, post something relevant to your Instagram business. Don’t just say “Instagram” in your name.

Upgrade your subscription

Once you have done this, you should also upgrade your subscription to a premium account and try to connect with as many people as possible. You can do this by sending friend requests to all the people you can find who has an Instagram account. By doing this, you will be able to send them messages regarding your organic feed campaigns. You can even ask them to follow you so they can see what you are up to.

Buying Instagram Followers

Another tip on how to buy real and organic Instagram followers is by buying Instagram followers from organic companies. There are many popular organic companies out there but not all of them are willing to promote their products on social media platforms such as Instagram. In this case, you can look for an official Instagram account of these companies and contact them. Before doing this, you need to find out if the company is genuine or not because there are fake accounts that post ads and messages just to take advantage of people.

Who Following You

This is also the same case when it comes to creating an account. You can always look for people who are following the right accounts and contact them. If you have already gathered enough information about someone, it’s time for you to make a sales pitch. Offer them free product offers so you can get more followers on your account.

It really takes time to build up a large number of Instagram followers. However, if you keep doing these tips on how to buy organic feeders and organic Instagram followers, you can expect to gain a lot of followers in no time. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to attract people to Instagram. Therefore, if you don’t have the time, then think twice before trying to do it yourself.


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