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10 Car Warning Lights And What They Mean

10 Car Warning Lights And What They Mean

Knowing exactly what those warning lights on your dashboard mean is essential to make the right troubleshooting in time or to communicate your car problems more clearly with a repairer. You know?

And though the number of warning lights in your trim can be different from those in other vehicle models, most of them point in the same direction. Therefore, in this article I will explain what 10 important car warning lights mean as a good starting point for you. In the meanwhile, if you’re looking for great offers from a great dealership in Houston, see these near-to-perfection used cars for sale in Houston.

Sign 1; Automatic Gearbox

This sign is only found in automatic cars that you don’t have to engage their gears manually. And the automatic gearbox sign, when it comes ON, indicates a fault in your automatic transmission. The apparent problem you may experience is a failed or malfunctioning gear.

Sign 2; Windshield Washer Fluid

The windshield washer fluid sign is a warning that your car is running out of windshield washer fluid. And all you just have to do is either grab your DIY home-made washer fluid or drive down to the Autozone near you for a new one.

Sign 3; Steering Lock

Inspired to prevent thieves from cruising away with your baby, the steering lock light is self-activated whenever someone tries to move the tires of your car without using an ignition key. If you ever come back to your car to find the steering lock light activated, someone has just attempted relieving you of your vehicle.

Sign 4; Anti-lock Brake System

One of the major signs of a faulty brake is skidding. If you experience your car skidding off direction whenever you use your brakes, the anti-lock brake system is automatically activated and your vehicle automatically stopped to prevent accidents caused by skidding. Way out? Your brakes need an inspection.

Sign 5; Electronic Stability

Computers are built into most high-end cars for a wide range of purposes, one of which is car stability. Once the electronic stability light is self-activated, it means that you’re no longer getting stability support from your car’s computer and you may just have to drive straight to the closest auto shop.

Sign 6; Engine Oil Level

Here are the chances. Each time the engine oil level warning light turns on, it is either an indication that your oil is leaking or that your engine oil needs changing.

Sign 7; Battery Light

At times, you attempt igniting ON your car but fail. If this happens accompanied with the activation of your battery light, it’s either there’s a fault in your charger system, your battery, wiring in your car, your voltage regulator, or your alternator. Only your mechanic can find out exactly what the problem is.

Sign 8; Bulb monitoring

This means that your headlights are dead or about to. Either way, replace them to avoid getting pulled over.

Sign 9; Check Engine

the check engine light, also called the emission controls light, is warning for a fault in your engine compression, a problem in your oxygen sensor, or a loosely screwed gas cap.

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