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Why Should You Wear Sunscreen?

Why Should You Wear Sunscreen?

Once summer arrives, everyone runs to a nearby beauty shop or pharmacy to find a tube of sunscreen lotion. However, never limit using sunscreen during summer alone. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, there is a need to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. And sunscreen is doing that work for you.

Here are the top 3 factors why you should use vegan sunscreen all year round:

Protection against damaging UV radiation

Once UV rays reach your skin, they disrupt bodily structures that influence the health of your skin. They can also upset the development process of your skin cells. It feels nice to bask under the sun, but sensitivity to UV rays will cause a variety of skin problems. It can cause sunburns, which can also lead to wrinkles and skin damage in the long run.

Physical sunscreen, commonly known as “mineral” sunscreen, includes physical UV filters mostly found in vegan sunscreen. They capture, diffuse, and obstruct the rays of the sun before they enter the skin. These potent mineral components, known as physical blockers, stay on the epidermis instead of seeping into the skin.

Meanwhile, chemical sunscreens work differently. It incorporates natural (carbon-) active ingredients engineered to remove UV radiation. Chemical sunscreens include natural substances that help speed up a chemical process once exposed to sunlight. This process converts UV rays to heat, which the skin eventually releases. 

Reduces cancer risk

Sunscreen helps reduce the risk of developing several skin cancers, including melanoma. Daily usage of SPF 15 sunscreen will lower your risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) by approximately 40%. It can also reduce your risk of developing melanoma by 50%. 

Helps protect against premature aging

Sunscreen shields you from painful sunburns and even skin cancer. However, it also provides you with a benefit to essential vanity. Recent research showed that daily usage of sunscreen protects from photoaging. It means lesser fine lines, blemishes, and lack of elasticity induced by exposure to UV rays. To prevent premature aging of your skin, use a sunscreen called “broad-spectrum.” It blocks out all UVA and UVB rays, instead of one with just a sun protection factor (SPF).

When purchasing sunscreen, many people pay no consideration about what type they are getting, as long as it appears to have ample SPF. But not all sunscreens are the same, and there are a few factors to watch out for in choosing the best sunscreen. While using some protection is better than using none, certain types can adequately shield your skin from UV rays. Investing in a decent form of sunscreen product will help you avoid skin damage and even cancer.

SPF is essential, but you still need to ensure that your sunscreen says “Broad Spectrum” so it can shield you against both UVA and UVB rays. The best sun protection also comes from zinc oxide, so check for that, too. Besides opting for zinc oxide for protection, using zinc or titanium oxide- sunscreens are also helpful if you have delicate skin.

It is never too late to incorporate safe- habits into your lifestyle. It is all about choosing the best sunscreen solutions for you, your body, and your routine. Using sunscreen every day might seem like an unnecessary step to incorporate into your skincare regimen, but it is vital to protect your skin and keep it healthy.

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