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Why Nursing is an Excellent Career Choice

Nurses play a significant role in healthcare. They work alongside other medical professionals to deliver high-quality care to patients in need, from administering medications to chatting with patients. While the job isn’t always easy, the benefits outweigh everything else, with many people finding long, fulfilling careers in the field of nursing. Here’s why nursing makes such an excellent career. 

There are Many Paths to Take 

With nursing, you are not bound to one career for the rest of your life. Even if you decide to be a registered nurse for many years, you still have the option of going back for your master’s and specializing in another area. This ability to progress is great for nurses, as it means there is always potential progression, and having a goal is one of the keys to happiness in a career. 

On top of that, not every nurse has to pursue a traditional nursing school education. There are online courses for those who’d prefer to study from home, and there are even excellent ABSN schools for those who already have a bachelor’s degree but wish to go into nursing. It accommodates all! 

The Friendships are Life-Long 

There is no friendship quite like nursing friends. The bonds you make during your nursing career will be there for you through the good, the bad, and the strange. When you’re in such a diverse, intense career, it makes sense that you become close with the people you work with. As a nurse, you need a support system to get you through each working day (and sometimes even beyond that).  

The Salary is Highly Competitive 

Many nursing roles offer a competitive salary, with the average registered nurse earning around $75K per year while a qualified family nurse practitioner earns an average of £111K per year. That is significantly higher than the average US salary, giving the chance to earn a very comfortable wage while helping people. 

No Day is Ever Dull 

There’s one thing you can be sure about when it comes to nurses – they are never bored. With all the tasks they have to get done each day and the number of patients they have to tend to, they don’t have a moment to let the boredom sink in. 

For those who like to keep busy, this is a huge advantage. Plus, due to the nature of the role and how many different people nurses interact with each day, no two days are ever the same. If you’re a fan of variety and excitement, this is perfect.  

Nurses are Always in Demand 

If your concern is entering a role that might one day be made redundant, you can squash that fear with nursing. With a large percentage of the population aging, nurses are more in demand than ever, increasing your chances of finding a job soon after graduating from nursing school. Job security is important to many, so knowing that the career you’re heading into will need you provides peace of mind. 

The Variety of the Work Environment 

As a nurse, you are not confined to one work environment. From hospitals to clinics to schools, you have the opportunity to work in a variety of workspaces. Not only is this handy for those who may have a work setting preference, but it is also helpful to have so many places to be able to work, as it means that more people can work closer to home. 

The Lessons You Learn 

Every single career provides its unique lessons, and that includes nursing. With nursing, the knowledge you attain isn’t just medical – you also learn the best way to interact with others, the importance of friendship, and the strength of people. 

The medical knowledge you acquire is helpful, too, and can help you in your life outside of a nurse. If you’re the parent of a sick child, for example, you’ll know the best treatments to make them feel better. Plus, you’ll be better at spotting when sickness is mild or when it needs professional attention!

The Visible Results from Your Efforts 

Nursing is as far away from tapping numbers into a screen as possible. As a nurse, you have the benefit of seeing real-life results right in front of your eyes. When you clean up a patient, administer medication that works, or speak to a patient’s family, you get to see precisely what your work does. This is reassuring for the self, as it allows you to understand just how important your work is, which keeps you motivated to work hard every single day.  

Nurses are Often on Their Feet 

One of the biggest issues office workers face is posture issues and lack of exercise from sitting down all day. Fortunately, most nurses don’t face this issue, as they are always walking back on forth while checking on a range of patients. 

You might not think about how much you’re walking while at work, but those steps add up. By walking around all day, your bones get stronger, your body fat reduces, and your fitness levels increase – all without even thinking about it! 

Others Respect the Career

Being in a respected career has its advantages. Impressing your friends, family, in-laws, and strangers not only fills you with pride but also helps to create stronger bonds. 

While most people will never understand the intricacies of nursing, most do know that it is a difficult career that helps people. In fact, most people have been helped by a nurse themselves! So, when you tell someone you’re a nurse, they already look at you as a selfless and hard-working person. 

You Get to Help People in Need 

The best part of being a nurse, and the reason so many people pursue it, is that it gives you the chance to help those in need. Being in a career that saves people’s lives is a huge privilege, as you get to go home each day knowing you made a true difference in the world – not everyone can say that.

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