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What are some reasons your water drains could get clogged

What are some reasons your water drains could get clogged?

Having clogged drains around your home or business is always difficult to deal with. Drains surely are disgusting when they get clogged and is a very difficult experience to whoever happens to stumble upon them. Clogged drains can cause health complications as bacteria and other harmful contaminants can start gathering around the blocked area. It is highly recommended to prioritize unblocking a clogged drain so you don’t expose yourself or your family to the swarming contaminants that appear on a blocked drain. You may be wanting to know what causes your drains to clog, so let me provide you a few common reasons why these get clogged:


One of the most common reasons for a blocked drain is pretty much caused by its own users. Many people have the habit of throwing toiletries down the drain instead of using a trash can. Indeed, having a trash can isn’t sanitary either, yet disposing of toiletries down the clog can slowly start building up around your drain until it gets blocked. Toiletries absorb water in large quantities which allows them to enlarge and easily block the drain as they get stuck on the walls of your pipes. Unclogging blocked drains due to toiletries is very difficult and better left off to a professional, it is recommended to simply avoid experiencing this by disposing of toiletries in garbage bags.

Grease Buildup:

Another common reason for a clogged drain, though this time occurring in the kitchen, is grease buildup. By disposing of grease down your clogs, especially when it’s hot it can easily get stuck on your pipe’s walls. Grease can easily build up once it has already begun accumulating on pipe walls, and can be difficult to clear out due to its sticky nature. It is highly recommended to avoid washing fatty ingredients down the drain and instead clean them and dispose of them on a garbage bag. Grease doesn’t easily leave your drain, yet pouring hot water can help remove some excess, though remember to always handle hot water with care and pour down slowly. If hot water isn’t a solution then it is highly recommended to hire an experienced plumber.

Hair buildup:

Hair doesn’t go down the drain as easily as you think and instead, it can end up clogging your drain due to hair buildup on your pipe’s walls. It is highly recommended to remove any hair you see that is going down into the drain or already stuck on it, so you can avoid extra build-up. Of course, the bathroom area is the one where this problem most commonly occurs. You can always try using drain spiders or chemicals to remove buildup, but it is recommended to try to avoid hair buildup as much as possible, as depending where the buildup happens is how difficult it will be to eliminate this buildup.

Debris, plant, and dirt:

There many other reasons why drain clogging happens aside from those that we could cause ourselves because you can also stumble upon a problem caused by plants, dirt or even the accumulation of debris. Drains could start clogging due to leaves, roots, dirt, and debris that falls onto your drain and gets stuck inside, which as with most clogging reasons it starts to build up until the drain is blocked. Be sure you are properly removing fallen leaves, debris or dirt that you could find nearby your home drains no matter if it is outside or inside your building. Proper maintenance of your garden areas can be vital to keep your drains working top-notch, which can help you avoid experiencing having a nasty clogged drain around your garden. 

Low water flows around your pipes:

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, many other causes can have your drain becoming clogged. It is highly recommended to unblock any clogged drain as quickly as possible to avoid any health complications or lower water pressure which could affect other drains around your building. If you are having trouble with a blocked drain in Kent, then you can always contact Flo-Well Drains & Plumbing, who is the area’s drainage experts. 

Pipes need a proper amount of water flowing through them to allow them to take away any unwanted materials that could be found. One of the most common reasons for poor water flow on your drains is due to sediment buildup. Sediment can of course cause clogs but midway it can cause your pipes to have lower water flow than usual. Water pressure can be lowered by many more things other than sediment buildup and pretty much anything that can get stuck like grease, hair or even leaves can cause your drains to be affected with low water pressure.

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