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Top 5 restaurants in Portugal

Top 5 restaurants in Portugal

When on vacation, who does not like good food. Apart from sightseeing, awesome food is the other reason why people plan vacations. Chefs from around the globe go to every extent to satisfy their customers’ taste palettes. With lovely cuisine, you surely won’t want to miss out on a golf practice in the Algarve Golf Courses. In Algarve, Portugal you will surely find lip-smacking food.

Speaking of Portugal, we have listed out the five best restaurants in Portugal, wherein you can try the best dishes from the best chefs here. We are sure that their specialties will keep you wanting for more.

Top 5 restaurants in Portugal


  • Taberna Sal Grosso


These people know exactly how to keep their customers happy. Their way of serving and the gestures of the workers are all set to flatter you. The setting is contemporary and the food served is Portugal. You can have authentic Portugal food here. Situated in Lisboa, this is a place wherein you can add customization to your dish, and the chef will happily serve what you want. The Portugal curry here is the specialty and undoubtedly the tastiest.


  • Casa Do Lago


This restaurant hosts parties, but it is famous and recommended because of its seating. The rooftop seating gives a real panoramic and beautiful view of the city. The view with the exotic food sets an example of a perfect lunch or dinner. The dishes range from what you like, whether it be local or global, everything is ready for you.

The drinks served here are good. Try the bartender’s recommendations and you won’t be disappointed.


  • Alma


As the name suggests, this place will give you a feel that you are at home. The staff is really friendly and helpful. They will understand your choices and recommend the best dishes. The drinks served here are the best. You will not get tired of trying their drinks and none will disappoint you. The place blends their food, drinks, and music well. They know what ambiance their customer wants and deliver that to satisfaction.


  • Belcanto


This place became famous because of the brilliant chef they have. He makes the best Portugal food and gives them a blend and twist in amazing ways. No doubt it is a fine dining restaurant, but you will surely have to control yourself drooling over the dishes. The restaurant makes dishes using its special spices and ingredients. But they add each and everything, keeping your taste in mind!


  • O Marinheiro


This place is loved by food bloggers. The presentation of the dishes will make you think before you start dining. But let your spoon dive into the dish and you won’t regret a single bite. The ambiance, food, and the view are all set to make your meal an enjoyable and tasty one.

These are the restaurants that serve Portugal local food and global food at its best. The twists and turns that they give to the dishes, will surely make you recommend these restaurants to people who visit Portugal.

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