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Top 5 Decorating Tips For Boosting Your Commercial Space Profits

Top 5 Decorating Tips For Boosting Your Commercial Space Profits

The physical appearance of your place of work should be memorable. This is because space will contribute to convincing a potential investor. The decoration when done right will keep the customers coming for more and employees will want to stick around for longer. Decorations that achieve these kinds of effects are implemented by professionals and trying out decorators in Surrey gives you satisfactory results.

Both the interior and exterior should be decorated in such a way as to resonate with the kind of work you’re involved in. The type of decoration that is implemented will reflect the culture of the business and significantly impact productivity. Then how productive your team is will largely determine the kind of profits you will be making.

That is why it is important to stick with decoration that will positively boost profits. On that note, here are five things that will bring in more money and motivate the team psychologically.

The use of vibrant and relevant colors

Different colors convey specific messages. For example, Facebook and Twitter logo colors are supposed to show how the companies should be trustworthy, sincere, and responsible and other many things. Coca-Cola uses red and studies have proved that the product makes consumers feel excited, passionate, youthful and other things.

Therefore when it comes to your workspace you need a dominant color that will inspire creativity and productivity to all who frequent the place. There are color charts on the internet that indicate which colors evoke emotions. For example, when making a bold statement the decorations will be red. If the shade you chose for the business is not communicating the goals and culture then don’t be afraid to change.

Keep an extremely organized work area

In dramatized presentations such as TV shows, police desks are usually covered in mountains of files and papers. It gets worse if the character is naturally carefree but good at their jobs.

In the real world, this is a deal-breaker and your customers and employees will slowly start to drift away unless you get organized. A great idea is to store files and other items in interesting and creative spaces like baskets. You can join the minimalist movement trend by having professional install cabinets that can be hidden to allow for more space to move freely and for fresh air to flow.  

Research suggests that organized and clean workspaces improve profits by about 20%.

Prioritize on the comfort of occupants

Studies show that employee happiness is closely affected by how comfortable their workplace is. The secret to achieving progress in the business whether it is more profits or efficient employees is to decorate workspace amenities.

These are places where the workers take a break from tasks to rejuvenate their mind and body. Tech giants offer sleeping pods in their office spaces and others have rooftops and balconies where workers can socialize and discuss ideas. Studies have revealed that correctly decorating these areas will have a positive impact on the workforce.

The occupants will have a sense of being at home and so they will get comfortable and concentrate on their tasks more. Decorating your office space with a carpet or an area rug is a great way to make people feel comfortable. It all boils down to your organization’s work culture.

Make safety your top priority

As much as you will bring in exotic chandeliers and glass floors, the most important element is to ensure that these decorations are safe. For example, if the work bathroom got remodeled and an employee or visitor slipped in there, it could quickly turn into a bankrupting legal battle.  

Warning signs should be placed in places where the floor is slippery or the structure is not stable. Ensure that your workspace only contains certified appliances to avoid electrocution accidents. Lack of proper labeling has caused some people to ingest decorative items that are usually placed on office tables.  

The cost of a lawsuit is not comparable to the small fee paid to acquire safety certificates. To avoid costly cases later it is recommended to invite an expert over to assess the ensure safety. Many workplace-related lawsuits stem from a lack of safety in the work environment.

Try and capitalize on the available natural light

This means that you need to design the windows and the workplace to capitalize on natural light. In cases where the natural light is inadequate like at a basement office space, bring in decorations that produce light.

This should not be distracting lighting. Do not install disco light bulbs in the work area. Incorporate decorations such as led keyboards, bulb shades and led tables. Do not use blinking lights which may trigger seizures or use the wrong color of lights that can result in headaches after long exposures.

Contracting the services of a professional commercial space decorator is a cost-effective way to receive quality and durable decorations. Light is good because it alludes to a sense of freedom which allows our creativity to roam free.

The incorporation of the five steps above has been proven to increase the productivity and profits of many individuals as well as businesses.

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