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Tips To Buy A Recliner

Tips To Buy A Recliner

They Help You Sit Down And Stand Up

Riser and recliner should help and support you get on and off your feet safely. With a single touch of a button, the chair will assist you to get into a standing position without you exerting your body too much. The riser recliner extends forwards and upwards to enable the user to stand up in a smooth steady motion.

This feature is helpful for individuals who struggle to get out of normal chairs. Additionally, the feature is also critical for individuals who are susceptible to falling as they stand up. 

As the name suggests, the riser recliner chair helps individuals stand up with ease.

As is the case with standing up, the riser recliner is also helpful in sitting down. It supports your body to seat down in a controlled and safe manner. From a fully extended position, the riser recliner guides you to a seated position without worrying about plonking down into the chair and injuring your lower back or posterior.

This feature is a simple way of making sure you get seated comfortably without stressing your legs or lower back. You get seated in a gentle manner.

Keep Feet Up

Another notable feature of a riser recliner is its ability to help you lay back and raise your feet. To this end, the chair should come with an extended leg rest that can lift your feet off the ground and support a laid back posture.

While this posture is comfortable, it is not purely for relaxation. Spending a lot of time while seated can be detrimental to you. Elevating your legs is one of the most effective ways of promoting better circulation. Improved circulation negates the risk of other health issues arising. Take a look at these Big Lots Furniture reviews and find the perfect recliner for you.

A riser recliner in a reclined position with user’s feet up and the backrest back

The chair should also recline to raise the user’s legs and tilt the backrest backward to improve comfort.

Elevating the legs promotes blood circulation throughout the body, therefore, preventing health complications occasioned by seating down for an extended time. Seating in a reclined position will help you relieve swelling in your lower legs, thereby reducing leg discomfort.

Help To Negate Back Pain

Recliner chairs come with flexible positioning that helps alleviate any back pains you might suffer from. The recline feature allows you to benefit from an improved support position, which will ease any chronic pain affecting your back.

Some riser recliner chairs allow users to position the chair almost flat, improving the comfort levels when you want to take a quick snooze in your chair. That said, we do not recommend a habit of sleeping on your chair for extended periods.

Improved Postural Control

Riser recliner chairs are helpful in postural control. As such, they are better equipped to ensure you do not harm yourself when seated. The chairs are designed and made to give users outstanding comfort and support when sitting for long periods. Many riser recliner chairs will always include this feature to protect users from spinal deformities and postural deterioration.

A riser recliner chair in a reclined position with the user’s feet elevated while offering lateral support that prevents the user from slumping to either side

Riser recliners are designed to provide excellent postural positioning with superb lateral support that can keep your spinal cord aligned.

The best quality riser recliner chairs have a tilt-in-space function. It allows users to tilt backward and elevate their legs. This redistributed their weight with an enlarged surface of the chair providing support. It takes the pressure off your neck and back, allowing them to rest in a healthy and natural position.

Pressure Redistribution

Aside from discomfort, there is a tremendous risk of suffering from pressure injuries when you sit down for long hours. Such injuries are especially prevalent if you do not reposition yourself every so often.

The build-up of pressure affects your back, posterior, and even elbows and ankles, which can lead to serious long-term injuries that are difficult to deal with.

Riser recliner chairs help users deal with such situations by making it easier for people to reposition themselves. By leaning back and lifting your legs up, you take the pressure off the affected body parts. You do not have to worry about pressure ulcers affecting your body as you sit down for some time.

Riser recliner chairs are excellent in helping users reposition themselves, keep a comfortable body posture, and support the body for sitting down for long.

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