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The Main Differences Between Pen Drives And Flash Drives

The Main Differences Between Pen Drives And Flash Drives

A New Pen drive and a flash drive perform the same necessary function. however, some people confuse the terms. Colloquially, people always refer to a pen drive and flash drive as if they are the same device. This is due to the real fact that all pen drives are flash drives. That’s said, it is more important to note that flash drives have use that extend beyond the capableness of a pen drive.

Pen Drive

The new pen drive is a kind of flash drive named for its tiny pen-like appearance. Pen drives can be inset directly into a USB port without a USB cord. Due to its need of a cord, a pen drive is highly mobile and can be connected to a key chain or put in your pocket.

Flash Drive

Mostly speaking flash drive is any type data storage device that holds data with non portable parts. Before the origin of flash drives, computer user utilized CDS and floppy discs to store little amounts of data. When some computer users inserts a CD into a computer, the PC (personal computer) reads the devices through portable parts, such a laser scanning a CD. Start from the flash drive has no moving parts, it is less allergic to damage. Some other benefit of the flash drive is that it is about universally matched with a variety of devices. To movement data between 2 devices both devices need to have a USB adapter, but least modern computers and electronic products have a built in USB port. This means that in addition to supply backup storage on a computing machine flash drives can also be utilized to store information from mobile media devices, video game consoles, and phones. Get Flash Drive

Main Difference

The main difference between a Flash drive and pen drive is that a pen drive is mostly only used as a mobile USB (Universal Serial Bus) storage device, where as a flash drive has numerous different uses for data storage. One another difference is that the pen drive ever refers to a drive that can be plugged straight into a USB port. On the other side, a flash drive may be approachable by a direct USB connection, a twilled USB connection, or even stored inside a phone or mobile media device.

Name Recognition

Accordant to the, the term pen drive came into the computer vocabulary in 2001. and Phison formulated a removable data storage device they name “pen drive.” Since then, a drive has wrongly been similar with all USB flash drives.

Major components of the USB flash drive are below:

  • Modular USB plug. This supply connects the flash drive to a device.
  • NAND flash drive memory chip. The total data is stored in the this component
  • Crystal oscillator. The main data output is controlled by this component.
  • USB mass storage controller. This is a micro controller for the USB. It has a little amount of ROM & RAM.
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