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The Instagram marketing strategy that will work in 2021

2021 is nearly (and hopefully) upon us and Instagram still remains on the top of the social network world. And that makes it rather attractive for marketers, businessmen, influencers, and all the people who want to “Capture and Share the World’s Moments”. That quote actually is Instagram’s main tagline and motto. 

But …

How is it possible to make Instagram work for you? 

Well, I’ve got several tips for you to consider in 2021! 

 Tips on How To Grow On Instagram

  1. Have you already switched to a business account?

That will give you the benefit of getting access to the features you could not have used with a personal account. If you already switched to a business account, you should see “insights”. This feature helps you to analyze all the activities that are going on your account- post reach, profile visits, etc. You can also observe which of your posts get the most engagement and use the knowledge for creating better content! 

  1. Schedule?!

Based on the analyses provided by the insight feature of Instagram you can check out which period of the day is the most active engagement-wise and schedule your posts for that time. You can do that with Creator Studio that works both Trusy social for Facebook and Instagram pages!

  1. Does your profile look cool? 

With just several words in your bio, you can make an impression on visitors and compel them to follow you. Your account should be aesthetically pleasing too because visual stimuli are one of the most important factors that trigger emotion and call people to action- to like, share, and engage with you. 

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Now, you should harvest all the benefits that the app gives you- create highlights, use IGTV, post stories. Maybe being aesthetically pleasing is not your style too. Well, then don’t be! The key point here is that you should know the direction your platform is going and the audience you are interacting with on Instagram. Have your distinctive style which says, even without your name being mentioned, that it’s you! 

  1. Now. Your. Audience. 

And I can’t stress that enough. If you do not analyze the people you are going to be interacting with, then nothing is going to work out. You may create beautiful posts but they may not trigger and compel your audience just because there is a huge abyss, enormous gap between the nature of your post and the characteristics of your audience. You need to increase the engagement, right? Then give your audience what they love to engage with! 

But …

  1. Stay Authentic!

If your long-term goal is to build a brand with a solid “fanbase” you need to know several things: 1. What is the message you want to convey; 2. What good will it bring both to your audience and to your business;  3.How to create a trustworthy atmosphere and connect with your audience on a deeper level- so that they see the person- or persons-  who stand behind the brand name, not just another corporation that makes money! 

  1. Storytelling 

Yes, fine visuals attract people’s’ attention but a pic without some background info is just, well, boring. Create a caption that has a distinctive vibe and hints that it’s you. Establish a specific tone of voice with which you are going to be interacting with your audience. One more thing that storytelling needs are insights- that innate understanding of feeling or sense, common for a group of people and therefore triggers their emotional response. Like memes, they are the prime example of insights, and if you can use them too to create a lighter environment for your audience. 

  1. Use Reels!

Now Reel is a new feature that was introduced this year by Instagram. It is 15 seconds long video that can be seen by anyone scrolling through the explore section. Because it is a new feature Instagram tries to reach a lot of people with reels- this basically means your short video is being promoted by the app itself. Like, everyone loves tiny fun and on point videos, right?!

  1. Make the algorithm love you!

And you can do that by being socially active on Instagram-  give and share love, be responsive. Entangle yourself into the web of Instagram to make it more aware of you. Use mentions, tags, polls on your stories to increase the interaction between you and your followers.  

  1. Don’t post and ghost!

Now that concept on Instagram community means, well, posting and then ghosting. Remember, the most important 10 minutes after posting- in that moment of time- don’t want to sound creepy, but-  INSTAGRAM IS WATCHING YOU. Be active after posting something, engage with people, give, and receive feedback. 

  1. If you are new to the Instagram

In that case, you can use little tricks that will help you to increase the number of your followers. That will be the boost that your platform needs especially in the first stages, because, you know, Instagram is a very competitive field, so, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

And that’s about sums it up! Good luck with your Instagram journey! 

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