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The Health Care Team of The Year and Heathy Lifestyle finalists of the Bristol & Bath Health And Care Awards

The Health Care Team of The Year and Heathy Lifestyle finalists of the Bristol & Bath Health And Care Award

The Team at the Frenchay Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre is outstanding and works tirelessly to support patients with complex physical, cognitive and behavioral impairments following significant acquired and traumatic injuries.

They demonstrate exemplary individual commitment and dedicated teamwork to term patients, recovery and rehabilitation. The team has mutual respect for each other and a shared desire to provide excellent region rehabilitation services for regions and the UK. Includes extensive fields with.

Bristol Community Health Nursing Service At a time where the pressure on A&E waiting time is under server pressure, this nursing teamwork for such people.

This nursing teamwork 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and work tirelessly to keep these people away from the hospital in their homes.

Over the past two years, the team has challenged themselves to work with new colleagues.

Adopts new ways of working and covers new geographical areas.

Cancer information and support center team helps patients who have practical and emotional concerns after being diagnosed with cancer.

And helps them navigate difficult times after diagnosis.

This is a team of eight extraordinary women. They help homeless people in such trouble and make their lives easier.

They have been piloting a project in the RUH offering Holistic needs Assessment and support with the backing of Macmillan, to better support patients who have cancer

Life skills aims to reduce injuries to people of all ages and abilities by teaching safety skills and heath leaving choices in a memorable and exciting, hands-on way.

The center is built like a life-size realistic village, highlighting the dangers of fire safety and home security messages in homes such as house dangers and burns and skills.

It comes about to lead people to a healthier lifestyle. Healthy sun protection and the harmful effects of smoking include.

Paul Howells

Paul serves as a student welfare advisor to the University of Bristol’s students who are constantly arriving for mental health and well-being.

He is one of 27 new student welfare advisors at the University.

These student contacts are from deserving people who are really a part of the Student Welfare Service, which collectively helped over 3,250 students in their first year of operation.

All about..The Bristol & Bath Health And Care Awards

We are working hard to highlight and commend people working in the health and care industries for their services to our community.

Covering each and every area, we have 10 fantastic categories that all have a brilliant host of finalists.

The award ceremony is on October23,

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