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The Future of Food from the 2017 Smart Kitchen Summit | Digital Trends

The Future of Food from the 2017 Smart Kitchen Summit | Digital Trends

The Smart Kitchen Summit is one of the top technology summit that is held every year. Hundreds of developers and brands come together here are introduce brand new technologies and innovations that are aimed to provide the people with a smarter solution. However, we had something really interesting cooking up in the Smart Kitchen Summit 2017. Brett Kirby, who is the general manager of Whirlpool’s Integrated Business Units, stated that the introduction of smart technology can really help and inspire the people around the world to buy brand new appliances like the Rotimatic Rotimaker. This brilliant device automatically makes rotis and parathas without any hassles. He also mentioned that “In today’s market, with an offline refrigerator or oven, the device is the best it’s ever going to be on the day you will purchase it and put it in your kitchen,”.

What Did We Come Across At The Summit?

At the Summit, top brands like June have already come up with new and innovative Intelligent Oven which brings a host of new features. The $1,495 countertop oven comes with smart cameras integrated inside it, that helps to identify what you are cooking inside and so selects the presets in a smarter way by only pressing a button. At the same time, the developers at June are also gathering more data in order to improve their smart oven. The initial stages of the oven had only one preset, but now it comes with so much more. The oven was one of the most sought-after technology at the Summit in 2017.

Other brands like Kenmore and Whirlpool have joined the bandwagon to introduce more smart technologies and innovations to their collection. Both the brands have announced at the Smart Kitchen Summit 2017, that they will launch Alexa-enabled kitchen appliances, that includes refrigerators, dishwashers, and wide range of products. Even though there are not many ways in which Alexa can be integrated into these appliances, the little bit of interaction that is possible makes them a smarter choice. Have you checked rotimatic reviews before planning to buy an automatic roti maker Machin.

Adding voice assistance and technology to the devices, makes it really easy for the people to enjoy them over their traditional counterparts most of the time. With the huge amount of data that the brands are collecting, it is becoming much easier for them to understand what are the next set of features they should be working on. With this same set of data, it can also help the brands to work on a completely new product in the near future, that can be a solid upgrade.

What About The Problems?

If you look closely then you will find that, there are a lot of problems that a person can face while working in the kitchen. Even though smart appliances provide the accurate and precise support to the people, they can come across the same set of problem, they faced before. Why is this so? This is because there is no perfection when you are cooking food in the kitchen. Everyone have their own set of taste and want to taste the dishes in their own style. So, even if everyone follows the same recipe and cooks it as instructed, end result will always be different.

Jon Jenkins, the director of engineering at Hestan Smart Labs, mentioned that “good quality and high-end software can really fix a lot of problems by controlling temperature and making adjustments based on what the humans are doing”. He believes that, even though it will take some time, in the coming years the appliances are only going to get much smarter and more efficient. But, there’s one thing for sure that we can tell you, is that in the coming years, developers are going to base their appliances and gadgets more on the smarter side of things. We can see the launch of several other products that will help to revolutionize our traditional kitchen space.

Final Words – Smart Kitchen Summit introduced us to a wide range of brand-new products and kitchen tech software that will allow us to work more efficiently and with convenience. Just like the Rotimatic Rotimaker allows you to make soft and round rotis without any hassles, some of the products that we saw at the Summit really impressed us like the June Intelligent Oven.

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