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SerpLogic’s Tips for Technical SEO for 2020

SerpLogic’s Tips for Technical SEO for 2020

SerpLogic’s Tips for Technical SEO for 2020

If a technical SEO of your website isn’t up to the mark, it’s suddenly not going to disappear from the search engine result pages. We are going to get traffic but it’s something you shouldn’t ignore. In today’s hyper-competitive digital environment, we need to put user experience first and having a fast website is not just good for your users but also for search engine rankings.

Here are a few tips from Serplogic to get you started on optimizing technical SEO of your website.

Invest in High-Quality SEO Plug-In

A good SEO plug-in can help a lot with the technical SEO aspects. For instance, you should invest in a plug-in such as Tinify that helps in optimizing the images. Similarly, there is a plug-in called MonsterInsights that helps with Google analytics. If you have a WordPress based website, our recommendation is the Yoast SEO plug-in.

While plug-ins are important, you shouldn’t have too many of them as your website will slow down terribly.

Mobile First

Everyone knows the importance of user experience on mobile these days but Google has made it official now that the Internet needs to be designed with mobile first experience. Google announced in mid-2019 that a mobile version of your website will be preferred in the search results as they consider it as the primary version.

You need to have a mobile responsive website for good technical SEO. Don’t be under the mistaken assumption that simply installing a responsive WordPress theme or a template will take care of all the mobile first aspects of web design. Test your website thoroughly to ensure it is mobile friendly when you are building it.

Page Load Time Optimization

Technical SEO encompasses a variety of factors but one of the more important factors is page load time. If your website is slow, it will affect search engine traffic as it is considered a ranking factor by Google.

Some things you can do to improve the load time of your website include optimization of website code, reduction in the number of redirects, compression of files, optimal use of browser caching, optimization of images and keeping render-blocking scripts at the lower end of the page.

Duplicate Content Check

If you have duplicate content on your website in today’s time, it’s a sure shot recipe for disaster when it comes to SEO. Duplicate content simply means having the same content on multiple pages on your website. Thankfully, a number of tools are available today to find and get rid of duplicate content. Make use of tools such as Duplichecker or Copyscape for identification and elimination of duplicate content.

Site Organization

Structure of your website along with user navigation is at the very core of technical SEO. Your website should be built keeping these in mind. The pages should link to each other in an organized manner. Navigation should be easy for search engines as well as your visitors.

Clean navigation on a website results in better user experience for your visitors and as you must be aware, user experience is an important factor when it comes to SEO. It can have a dramatic effect on organic traffic for your website. In terms of technical SEO, it is easier for search engines to index a well-organized website as it is easier to crawl and track.

Baby Steps for the Win

Are you feeling overwhelmed already? Don’t worry. Don’t take too much stress. It happens to everyone.

Don’t focus on everything at once. Break down everything discussed above into manageable baby steps. For instance, instead of focusing on all the webpages on your website, begin with landing page optimization first. 

Check every single landing page on your website to make sure it is mobile friendly.

It is recommended to set up A/B tests to try out different actions and offers on various landing pages. It will allow you to ensure that the navigation on landing pages is consistent and clean for search engines as well as humans.

In order to check the important technical SEO aspects of your website, it is recommended to break it down into smaller steps to avoid getting overwhelmed. If you get overwhelmed, you might give up halfway through the process and that is not good for your website.

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