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Sending corporate SMS: 4 benefits you should know before using it for business:

The sending of corporate SMS entered the set of options of the multichannel strategies once and for all. Even with the growth of message exchange applications, interactive SMS has its relevance and appeal to different audiences. 

SMS offers several benefits such as efficiency, personal contact, involvement, among others. In addition, it helps to streamline some processes and have more direct communication with the customer.

All this at a much lower cost, which makes its use even more advantageous for companies.

Haven’t you thought about that possibility yet? Discover different reasons to use corporate SMS sending as part of your marketing strategy. 

Benefits of sending corporate SMS

  1. Have more agility in sending messages:

More agility means more sales and also staying ahead of the competition in the search and conquest of strategic customers.

50% of the companies that reach customers first are the ones that win the sale. That is, the faster the channel used to deliver your message the better.

For this reason, sending corporate SMS is useful when disclosing your best prices and best offers to customers.

This way, you arrive before the competition and create a relationship with short text messages and direct links to the exact page of your marketing activities. 

  1. Maintain more personal communication

When a prospect agrees to pass the phone on to a company, he does not expect cold, generic contact. 

The feeling of being treated as a number and statistic to achieve goals must pass away from the sensations that your brand awakens in customers.

The personalization of the messages, calling the prospect/customer by name, is a small detail that makes a big difference in the personality of the communication.

Sending a nominal message and directly to your contact’s phone will make your communication more personal and close.

When it comes to sending corporate SMS, the dynamics are the same with the advantage of arriving faster and not depending on the internet to be read and answered. 

Include this strategy to get closer to your customers, especially those who actively buy through your website or sales representatives. 

  1. Make the company more convenient:
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Whether due to laziness or the busy lifestyle that goes from big to small cities, convenience is something that every customer seeks. 

Think of fast-food chains. Why are they so popular? Because buying and consuming is quick and more convenient than preparing a full meal Saturday night. 

Fast food is just one example of the many daily choices we make because they are more convenient and optimize the execution of tasks.

Sending corporate SMS is also a more convenient marketing channel for your audience. Today, people prefer to receive a message than to talk on the phone.

So creating SMS campaigns helps to run offers and direct the customer to a page on the website that has an item on sale that he viewed on the last visit, for example. 

  1. Make your business more attractive:

Companies that have a well-structured marketing strategy know their audience and have an equally well-targeted market segmentation.

Thus, sending corporate SMS serves to make the relationship with current customers more relevant through personalized offers for them.

But in addition to planning the best attractions for those who already consume your product or service, sending corporate SMS also helps to win new customers from your base who have not yet purchased.

In other words, SMS also helps in attracting customers, taking them to the shopping funnel, where they will be fed with periodic content.

In addition to fundraising, SMS can be used in retention steps, as a customer service channel, and more.

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