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Recovering the Rabbi's message is clear this Passover: Stay at home, do not spread COVID-19

Recovering the Rabbi’s message is clear this Passover: Stay at home, do not spread COVID-19

Many people celebrate Easter and Easter with no family unity, this makes the journey from one generation to the next difficult, Rabbi, a contractor the COVID-19, says it’s important to prevent the virus from spreading.

Rabbi Yisroel Cotlar knew his fate when the symptoms started to flare up.

”(I) had a fever, aches ache got chills,” said Cotlar.

In March, when the virus spread, one of Rabbi Cotlar’s sons met his grandparents in New Jersey. Rabbi Cotlar was forced to travel and pick up the boy four days after returning home, he began to feel too sick.

”Unfortunately, as you have heard from many people, it took eleven days to get these results. By the fourth or fifth day, I had a pretty good feeling that it was positive.”

Rabbi Cotlar remains attached to his infected wife until the symptoms subside, thinking he is out of the forest, Rabbi has resumed his routine.

Unluckily, after about four days I had an afternoon as I thought I was everywhere. The symptoms came up a little bit. At that time, I had a high fever.

”Fortunately, they are feeling better once again, There are no symptoms at this time, none of her five children has the virus, which is a blessing no one knows that this temple of his, Habad de Cary, will reopen. Not ideal for a man who spends most of his days teaching and counseling in his community.

”None of this is happening right now and it’s a tough time, I love doing what I do and it’s hard to be in a situation where we can’t do it.

The rabbi’s message during this Passover celebration at home is simple.

”I know I will be focused on the blessings that I have. Very grateful to have a Passover with my family. I think this is the right general message to the family. We can be stuck at home or we can be safe at home.”

Virtual celebrations are better than nothing at all.

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