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Outdoor wicker bar stools

Outdoor wicker bar stools

wicker is a popular outdoor material seen in many luxury commercial locations, bars and seaside resorts. It is modern, elegant and decorative. A high line of synthetic outdoor wicker bar stool for the exterior, as durable as it is beautiful. Discover elegant wicker outdoor stool, relaxing wicker outdoor day beds, sofa sets and more, all made to withstand outdoor life all year round. Wicker furniture is a nice addition to any yard or open areas, as it blends in with the natural outdoors. Our outdoor wicker bar stools are available in traditional, tropical and contemporary styles that everyone will love.

There is something for everyone with an outdoor wicker bar stool. We can guarantee that you will find something you like in our selection of wicker products. From stylish designs to tropical outdoor bars, perfect for traditional rattan bar stool by the pool, synthetic wicker is the newest and most interesting trend to reach outdoor wicker bar furniture in recent years. Choosing from hundreds of silhouettes and innumerable combinations of finishes and upholstery, you will find that it is easier than ever to choose the perfect bar stool. Of course, making a purchase involves more than just searching for your favorite style.

Fashionable and stylish outdoor wicker bar stools:

High quality outdoor bar stool:

This is a high quality outdoor bar stool, made of durable, weather resistant materials, so it is perfect for use in outdoor bars etc. Of course, this equipment is not only solid, but also very comfortable.

Stylish outdoor bar stool:

Augment your outdoor bar with this stylish bar stool with durable wicker craftsmanship. It has an aerodynamic back with tilted arms and a 4-foot base with a round footrest. It has a comfortable seat cushion attached to the back with stripes of fabric and rotates.

Amazing outdoor bar stool:

If you are looking for extraordinarily stylish and practical solutions for your home and bar, check out these amazing bar stools. They will bring you a huge dose of incredible design and the highest functionality.

Resistant outdoor wicker bar stool:

This type of bar stool is a high quality product created for use in terraces, gardens and outdoor bar areas. It has a durable aluminum frame resistant to rust, moisture and other factors. This construction includes a UV protective layer.

Outdoor wicker Bar stool setting up tips:


A nice bar stool is not so useful if it does not fit under the counter or bar. So start by measuring the height of the bar or meter. The key is to consider legroom when choosing a size. A standard meter is 34-36 inches high. When buying chairs, the important number to evaluate is the height of the chair. The seat should be about 9-11 inches from the bottom of the countertop. Anything bigger or smaller will be uncomfortable and will look disproportionate. A wet bar or pub table is usually 40-42 cm high. You will need bar stools that again have a seat height of about 9-11 inches from the top of the bar. Don’t assume that chairs labeled bar height or meter height will automatically fit your space. Your bar or meter measurements may be out of the traditional range, so measurement is paramount.


Then measure the width of the countertop or bar to determine how many seats you will need. You will want to leave enough space between each bar stool so that you can sit comfortably without feeling crowded and get up easily. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 6 inches between each seat. If your seats rotate or have arms, you should leave at least 8 or 10 inches between them.

Some ways of protecting outdoor wicker products: 

If the furniture is not properly cared for, it can easily lose its luster and even become damaged. This situation can cause the furniture to quickly become useless and turn into something more than an expensive eye. It is a good idea for a homeowner to take precautions to protect their furniture from potentially harmful elements of the weather so that they can continue to enjoy wicker furniture outdoors for many years to come. Find out below how to withstand weathering outdoor wicker furniture.

Regularly clean the wicker furniture:

Keeping wicker furniture clean outdoors is a good way to keep it safe from the elements of the weather. It is not too difficult to keep outdoor furniture clean.

Paint wicker furniture for the outside:

Painting wicker furniture for the outside is another way to protect it from harmful weather. There are types of paint that are specially formulated for outdoor wicker furniture. The entire surface of the furniture must be covered with paint. This includes the top, bottom, bottom, arms and seats.

Cover the wicker furniture:

Either prefabricated or custom wicker furniture covers can help protect your outdoor wicker furniture from harmful sunlight, heavy rain or h3 winds. To completely protect the wicker furniture from the outside, the covers must reach to the floor and completely cover the legs of the furniture. This will help prevent water splashing and furniture damage.

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