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Modern Wall Art creates art pieces to fit unique niche

What would you do if you can’t find something that you are looking for? If you are Modern Wall Art’s creator Syed Rahman, you would start creating your own. It all began when he was trying to find something modern and religious for his home and there was nothing on the market. What started out as a hobby while pursuing a degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology and Healthcare Administration has turned into a global business.


Art is created from creativity, inspiration, and one’s surroundings. Syed Rahman’s art makes it evidently clear that he fully embraces that. Coming from an Indian Islamic background, he takes his inspiration from all sorts of places and things but keeps Islamic art in mind that will resonate will all kinds of personalities.

While the company name might sound generic, that was completely the point. He wanted a name that was simple and catchy because while he focuses on making art and furnishings that involve Arabic calligraphy, he did not want a name that would limit him if he ever decided to branch out.


While Modern Wall Art is not the only company in the world to create modern Islamic art, it is the only one based in North America and what sets his company apart from others around the world is that his art is unique that every piece he creates is handmade and he uses high-quality stainless steel and wood to create custom designs from scratch. Regardless of what kind of piece customers request, he would work with them until they are completely satisfied and their dream piece comes to life. They specialize in making handmade 3D art that has a unique look when displayed. He likes to think outside the box and focus on designing pieces that don’t already exist.


What makes him as an artist unique is the fact that the success of his business comes from him wanting to “chase the barakah (blessings), not the money” He is very humble and wants to work with other artists and help others and uses his platform to help make other businesses and artists successful. His gallery has displayed other artists’ works and he also gives them an opportunity to sell their work on Modern Wall Art’s website.

He opened his first art gallery in 2018, in Skokie, Illinois and is recognized as America’s first Islamic Art Gallery. His artwork is also currently displayed at the Chicago History museum making it the first time Islamic art has been exhibited in a museum in Chicago.

Since Modern Wall Art gallery opened, the products that they offer has expanded significantly. They started out with just 3-4 designs and at the moment they are the only Islamic Art company in the world that has a large variety of calligraphy designs. Even after Rahman opened a physical store, most of the orders his company gets are made online. He prides himself and his team being available at any point of the day because most orders come from outside the Chicago area and even outside the United States.

He currently has two gallery locations in Skokie and Bridgeview, both based in Illinois.

Not only is he a great artist, but he also gives back to the community. He regularly collects money for humanitarian aid and in recent months has been doing more outreach in the community and getting more involved through social media, especially during this COVID-19 period. He devised a plan on his Instagram page offering to come to the aid of anyone that may need help, from buying groceries, essentials, and medicines. His COVID-19 initiative was inspired by a group of guys on Facebook that were offering to pickup and deliver groceries for anyone who may need them.

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