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JJ Watt’s new Subway commercial is exactly what life is like with siblings

HOUSTON- Something never changes, And for JJ Watt and his brothers,  a little bit of childhood came back to life in a new subway commercial.

The entire watt family is included in this new ad, who had just settled on the subway to pick up some sandwiches for the boys, JJ Drake and T.J.

JJ Watt’s dad hand JJ a turkey sandwich, what they call favorite. The comments make the boys quarrelsome about siblings with whom they like sandwiches.

However, the best moment of the whole fifteen-second is arguably the moment of the JJ Watt’s mom says back and ”knocks it” in the ” mother voice” of heaven that many of us are well aware of. (and must have been very familiar to the Watt brothers).

Someone shared a tweet that said,”When you look at the subway commercial, I believe 100% sure Moma Watt does not have to follow it’s lining.

The tweet got Watt’s attention and he responded with it. There were serious flashbacks when filming this episode. Almost too authentic.

Watts and his brothers said that advertising is an honor.

”This gives you the opportunity to partner with a brand that has played a role in almost every path of your journey,”

Watt’s brothers said. ” We started eating back on the subway back in the days of youth football and continued through college and our professional career.” It is an honor to join such a famous brand and to do so with our entire family.”

This as is intended to promote the subway latest deal that protects people from making the choice and lets you get free footlong with any footlong purchase in the subway app or online.

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