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How to make sure bed bugs don’t return once exterminated?

How to make sure bed bugs don’t return once exterminated?

Having already dealt with bed bugs may leave you restless thinking that they may come back, and of course, they could if you don’t prepare. An expert could remove the infestation and ensure there are no more critters in your home, but that doesn’t mean that more insects can come from outside. If you are wondering how to prepare and avoid re-enacting another bed bug infestation then let me provide you a few very useful tips you can consider.

Before we start always remember, if a bed bug infestation appears once again on your home be sure to get professional help such as an A1 bed bug exterminator Nashville service. Having a professional work on your home’s bed bug infestation always ensures more effective removal of these critters. 

Start using bed & box zippered encasements:

There may not be any more bed bugs at sight once a professional has already dealt with them, but that never ensures they are 100% gone. Start using bed & box zippered encasements for y mattresses and other furniture of your home, where you believe bed bugs could reside or already did before. These encasements are excellent as any bed bug trapped inside won’t be able to escape and die eventually. Employing these encasements also ensures no more critters will hide under or inside the furniture you protected. Even if your exterminator ensures there is no more threat, always use these encasements for around a whole year to ensure they don’t come back.

Start using white or light-colored blankets & sheets:

Bed bugs have a tendency to hide in any area they can, yet you can make them easier to spot if you change your bed sheets & blankets. Using white or light-colored blankets ensure these critters become much easier to spot, so you can deal with them once found. 

Do laundry using scented essential oils:

One of the things bed bugs hate the most is strong scents such as those that come from lavender, clover, peppermint, lemongrass, and cinnamon. You can start using these scented essential oils on your laundry to ensure all your blankets, sheets and clothes all have that scent. Try adding just a few drops from your essential oil bottle and use unscented laundry detergent to ensure you get the smell you want.

Paint white any existing furniture you have:

White or lighter colors make it much easier to spot bed bugs. Try painting your furniture white or a light color to avoid these critters from hiding. By painting you also ensure any small crevice or area where these critters hid before could be sealed by the painting itself. If you have a baby at home be sure not to use just any kind of painting and use safe painting on your baby’s furniture.

Vacuum and mop your property daily:

Try to constantly vacuum your home, especially if you have carpet on your floor. If you don’t have carpet on your floors try mopping them with lavender, cinnamon, lemongrass or the scents indicated before to ensure these critters leave that environment. You can also try cleaning your fixtures and furniture with scented disinfectant, especially on areas where you know these critters could hide. 

Try changing old wood furniture with plastic or metal:

Wooden furniture can have many cracks or crevices where bed bugs could easily hide. By changing some of your old furniture to metal or plastic one you can be sure these won’t have the same problems and will be much easier to clean with soap. If you don’t want to get rid of your wooden furniture then be sure to paint it white or a lighter tone of color. 

Start using bed bug leg interceptors to catch the critters coming up:

Using a bed bug leg interceptor is a great idea to stop bed bugs. Unlike usual belief, bed bugs don’t always live on or below your mattress but instead, they may crawl up your bed’s legs at night to feast on you. You can either purchase a professionally designed bed bug leg interceptor or try a DIY one. You can check through the internet how to make one yourself as these can be very easy to do and very useful when trying to detect an early bed bug infestation.

Remember, if bed bugs appear once again on your home do not panic and get professional help. Bed bugs can be very difficult to deal with and may even leave us restless, yet these infestations can be controlled with proper care and removed by having a professional assist you. 

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