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How to Make a Gaming Website with WordPress In 2021


Setting up and creating a gaming website might seem complicated, but with WordPress, the task becomes relatively easy. This article gives a step-by-step guide to create a gaming website using WordPress with very little technical knowledge.

Anyone looking forward to building a gaming website with WordPress will need the following:

  1. Website hosting account- serves as the location for storing website files.
  2. Domain name- helps web users to find a website online.
  3. WordPress theme- helps add a distinctive look and feel to a webpage.
  4. Access to the right set of WordPress plug-ins for inclusion or specific features.
  5. SSL certification is necessary if the website is for blogging, selling games and products, and twitch streams.
  6. Webpage owners must dedicate adequate time to manage the webpage.

In the following section of this article, we will discuss the entire process of creating a gaming website with WordPress using a step-by-step approach

Step 1: Choosing the Right Website Platform

To begin with, one needs to select a proper website builder. There are two different types of WordPress software that share the same name. is a platform for blog hosting, whereas is a self-hosted platform for hosting interactive webpages. It is best to choose for developing a gaming website that gives access to a wide range of WordPress features. Next, a web expert needs to focus on web hosting and domain name. Gaming websites typically require a high-quality hosting service that is compatible with WordPress websites.

The cost of domain name services is around $15 per year, and web hosting starts at about $8 every month, but it’s a significant investment for beginners. However, a few hosting service providers offer free domain, SSL certificate, and cheaper web hosting. After purchasing a hosting service, users must download and install a WordPress content management system to run their web page.

Step 2: Choosing an Appropriate WordPress Gaming Theme

Next is the selection of a perfect WordPress theme for setting up a gaming website. When searching for an appropriate gaming theme, hire wordpress developers may come across a wide selection of templates related to gaming.  However, in reality, it is best to avoid such themes. The majority of these gaming WordPress themes have bloatware that blocks users. The website may experience compatibility issues when integrating new features and functionalities.

Always pick high quality and flexible theme and add necessary features using WordPress plug-in.  WordPress offers a whole range of plug-in to add desired features. With this approach, one can easily tweak or change webpage functionalities as necessary. The most suitable choice for building a gaming website is a WordPress magazine. These themes are based on templates used by larger websites in the gaming industry. 

Step 3: Installing the Right WordPress Gaming Plug-in

After selection of the theme, the next most important task is to add more functionality to it with the help of a WordPress gaming plug-in

There are over 60,000 free plug-ins available for WordPress themes. The plug-in helps users to add various types of functionality to their website. Following is a list of gaming features one can add to WordPress

  •         Community gaming forum
  •         Marketing game-related products
  •         Twitch video streaming
  •         Detailed video game review
  •         Real-time gaming

Individuals looking to start a blog page on games, consoles, hardware, and other related topics can choose to add review functionality to their website. It is beneficial when writing reviews; a blogger can add starred ratings to enhance its visual appeal. WordPress plug-ins can also help add wrap-up widgets, sidebar, and top products to a webpage. Some plug-in also serves as monetizing tools for affiliate marketing.

Step 4: Enhancing the Look And Feel of WordPress Gaming Site

WordPress is a very powerful and versatile platform for developing websites from scratch. It gives hire wordpress developers access to a wide variety of plug-in to develop gaming websites. 

Following is a list of the most popular plug-in for gaming platforms

  •         WPforms lite
  •         Monsterinsights
  •         SeedProd Lite
  •         Smash balloon
  •         AIOSEO

These plug-in allow easy customization of the website without the need for complex coding.

Step 5: Mastering WordPress Development for Growing Gaming Platform

WordPress is a highly powerful yet user-friendly tool for website development. Over time, users learn and upgrade their web pages to attract more organic traffic. Beginners and advanced learners can use free resources available on the internet to gain a deeper insight into WordPress web development or hire a wordpress web development company.

Now you know all the steps to take for developing a gaming website with WordPress. After completing the development process, the most important thing is to promote the web page in the gaming community. If you’re passionate about gaming, then it is the best way to indulge in your passion.




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