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How parents monitor their kid’s iPhone? 


  • Not only on computers and android devices, but you can also monitor the iPhone device of your kids to know what exactly they are doing on their digital devices.
  • You can further get access to the call logs, view appointments, geo-location, social media logs, contacts, and device information.
  • The iPhone parental control app jailbreak solution can help you out to monitor and track the iPhone device to the fullest.

Apple devices are trendy, and more than 85% of teens in the U.S prefer to have iPhone devices, according to a report. Therefore, parents should well-aware of the fact that if they buy an iPhone for the teens they are not free anymore because they have to monitor and track every activity of the children on their new device to make sure their online safety. Kids are more materialistic than the previous generations, and they used to get top devices alongside the internet connection.  Now the question arises, what should make parents track a kid’s iPhone?

Why monitor a kid’s iPhone device?

There are plenty of reasons to monitor an iOS device because these devices are full of securities, and kids can do plenty of inappropriate activities that should need to know. Kids nowadays used to spend hours and hours on iPhone screen and visit social messaging apps like WhatsApp and share photos, videos, and do chats with friends and strangers. They used to send and received SMS, and make calls, and also add new contacts that they don’t know in their real –lives. Therefore, parents should protect their kid’s online privacy and safeguard them from digital nightmares.

  • Inappropriate activities of kids on iPhone
  • Kids are used to sharing nude sexually suggestive photos and videos.
  • Sexting is on the rise since the social messaging apps are on the rise.
  • Cyberbullying and cyberstalking can harm your child on social media apps.
  • Teens used to watch adult content on their iPhones
  • Iphones have iporn that parents need to aware of 

Now the question arises, how you can track and monitor the IPhone device of kids to set parental control on their activities. In my opinion, there is no better option than the TheOneSpy iPhone spy app. You can use it on your kids’ iOS device, and you can keep a hidden eye on them all day long and get to what exactly they are doing.

What is iPhone monitoring software?  (Jailbreak Solution) 

It is a jailbreak solution for iPhones and ipads running up to iOS 13.5. You can install it on your kid’s phones and get access to their activities. It enables you to track all the activities your child has performed and even let you know about the geo-location of your child when he/she is out of town or coming from school. 

How does the iPhone spy app work? 

If you are struggling to monitor your teen’s and children’s iPhone to make sure digital safety, then you need to get your hands on the iPhone tracking software. You need to visit the official webpage of TheOneSpy, where you can subscribe to it. You will get the credentials through an email. Besides, you need to jailbreak your iOS device, and after that, it can spy on iPhone 12 to the fullest. After you have done with the jailbreak process, you need to have physical access to the iOS device and start the installation process. After finishing the installation process successfully, you can get access to the iPhone monitoring online web control panel, where you can activate all the features to get the job done.

IPhone spying app Features to monitor iOS devices (Jailbreak solution) 

There are the following features that you can use to monitor the iPhone device of your child running with the latest operating system or model.

Call logs

Parents can use the jailbreak solution of iPhone parental control software and use its call logs feature. It empowers you to spy on incoming and outgoing call logs with the schedule. You can get to know to whom teens are making and receiving calls.


You can monitor and read the chat conversations of your child and get to know about what they are up to on their cellphone text messages conversations.


Parents can also get the logs of iMessages on iPhone and get to know about every message teens have sent and received.

Device Info

Parents can remotely get device information by using the online dashboard of the iPhone parental control app, like the IMEI number and name of the target iOS device.

WhatsApp logs

Parents can monitor the social media activities of the teens, like WhatsApp messages, chats, group chats, and media sharing logs/


Parents can monitor the iPhone device of kids by using an iPhone monitoring tool that works sneakily on the target device and let your know about everything. 

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