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How Can I Prove Negligence In A Slip And Fall Lawsuit?

Slip and fall accidents are common with data from the Insurance Information Institute showing that there are about 3 million falls annually in the US. Most of these accidents happen in sports arenas, shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, swimming pools and other such places.

After a slip and fall accident, you can suffer in different ways, including physical injuries, emotional injuries, and wage loss. You will need help in proving negligence in slip and fall cases so that you can be compensated for your injuries. The ideal way of achieving this is proving that one of the below-outlined scenarios happened.

The people or entity liable know about the hazard

Most slip and fall accidents happen because of mistakes such as spilt liquids, foreign objects left on the floor or uneven floor. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure such issues are dealt with on time. Failure to fix the underlying problems even after knowing about them shows that the person or entity liable did not take the necessary care.

You can prove the people responsible knew about the issues by showing the positioning of the accident scene. Your camera can help a lot since you can take pictures to show that your accident was in a place which was known to the people liable. Witnesses who were there can also help you prove that the people responsible knew about the defects that caused the accident.

The dangerous condition was caused by the property owner or employee

There are situations where property owners or their employees do things that can cause slip and fall accidents. A good example is an employee who is supposed to clean and dry the floor, leaving it wet. An employee or the floor owner can also do something that causes a frightening sound, such as dropping something noisy on the floor.

If the property owner or employee causes your slip and fall accident, you have high chances of winning the lawsuit. This is especially if you have witnesses or a video recording that the property owner or employee put you in danger. The only thing you need is to work with a good lawyer who will guide you on how to handle the lawsuit.

Property owner or employee should have known about the dangerous situation

Property owners and their employees must ensure that there are no imminent dangers that can cause accidents. This includes doing regular inspections to ensure that everything that needs repairs is repaired. Failure to do the inspections and repairs make them liable for negligence.

It is also essential to show that the property owner had enough time to rectify the hazardous situation. A good example is a worn-out floor which has been in bad condition for several days or weeks. The building owner and the employees should have noticed the floor’s poor conditions and proceeded to repair it.

Therefore, you can prove negligence in a slip and fall lawsuit by showing any one of the three scenarios mentioned above. To ensure you are following the law and increase your chances of winning the lawsuit, you need to hire an attorney after your slip and fall accident. The attorney will ensure you get justice, and your compensation is fair.

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