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Harnessing Power of Social Platforms to Enhance Your Personal Brand

Harnessing Power of Social Platforms to Enhance Your Personal Brand

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the no-contact efforts to keep the virus from transmitting, many people are staying at home with plenty of time on their hands.  Despite the uncertainty, there is no time like the present to work on building your personal brand and maximizing your profile through online platforms. 

In fact, digital platforms are seeing an influx of users during the pandemic, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  With more people turning to their social platforms for information and entertainment, using these and other apps can provide you with an opportunity to build your brand and gain new followers.

If you are wondering how you can increase your visibility and establish your place as a leader in your field, read on.

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Promote your expertise

Are you a hair stylist or makeup artist looking to help people feel great about themselves during isolation?  Try offering tips and techniques via video content or blog posts on how to keep up with their hair styles and makeup trends.  Self promotion can seem unnatural, especially during times like these, but it can also reinforce the credibility of your personal brand and can be quite effective.  If you’re an expert at something, no matter what industry you’re speaking about,  let the world know by sharing your knowledge and ideas online.   Sharing your expertise on social media shows your followers that you’re still open to professional interaction and eager to answer questions. 

Explore new social platforms

Some people assume that when it comes to promoting yourself professionally, the only social media platform worth posting to is LinkedIn. There is also no harm in supplementing your LinkedIn profile with content published on outside social platforms, like for instance ConnectPal, as long as your messages remain consistent across. ConnectPal is for any person, group, or business that has an audience or wants to grow an audience. A ConnectPal profile is like a profile page on any social network, but with a distinction, there is a charge for people to see your content.  

While a LinkedIn profile can certainly help you deliver your digital first impression, you can use other platforms to expand your network and reach more people.   Remember, many social media users are active on multiple platforms so it’s okay to cross promote and utilize each one for its strengths.  

Advocate for your business

If you are looking beyond promoting your personal brand, utilizing social platforms is a good opportunity to get some free PR for your business which can help with both sales and recruiting talented employees.  Additionally, by portraying  your colleagues in a positive light, you’ll secure your image as a team player.  Social selling and building a credible personal brand online will carry more weight with potential customers, who are more likely to trust you and your business.  

So, while you are sheltering in place for the time being, remember, social media scrolling no longer has to be unproductive.  Use the strategies above to begin building your personal brand and seize the opportunities will come as a result of your outreach.

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