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Every person, no matter their age or gender dreams of having a healthy body. Health and wellbeing is essential to our lives not just because it allows us to function in the best possible way but also because it adds more quality and peace to our lives. 

Whenever a person has a simple cold or fever, something that is not even too dangerous and in most cases can be treated using some simple medications and sometimes professional help, the person would just not feel entirely happy. 

This is because even the simplest forms of disorders in the body or pains or any sort of dysfunctioning, no matter how serious, can affect the person’s mind set and make them very unhappy and uncomfortable. 

The doctors from the top orthopaedics hospitals in Bangalore, from the most renowned mental health organisations and other people who spend their time doing research upon the health and wellbeing have some common things to tell us when it comes to taking care of our health. 


Taking care of the body is not as difficult as it seems and neither is it too complicated. There are just some simple basic steps to follow and care about in daily life. Unless one is suffering from something serious or something chronic, these simple steps are enough to ensure that one’s body and mind is in a healthy place to function from. 

  1. WATER: drinking water is essential for all of us in the right amounts. Many people underestimate the importance of drinking enough water and go about their day without consuming it in the right amount. 

First thing to understand is that not only is the amount of water that we drink during a day of utmost importance, it is equally important to avoid water after certain meals and foods. 

For example, it is suggested that one should not drink water immediately after eating a heavy meal like lunch or dinner. It should also be noted that water should not be consumed after oily foods. 

  1. EXERCISE: it is also very important to make the body move enough every single day to avoid becoming lethargic or developing issues of the heart or the bones and joints. Doctors from the top orthopaedics hospitals in Bangalore often suggest that exercising and keeping the joints moving through walking or using stairs in place of elevators is often enough to keep the bones in good shape. 

Not just the bones, exercising is also very important in order to maintain the body weight and avoid having excess fat in the body. This can not only make one deal with body image and self confidence issues, but also make one develop disorders related to the heart or kidneys. 

Exercising every day for a limited time is far more important than following an extremely strict routine that is not only harmful for the body but also demands too much effort from the decision making part. 

Walking a few steps after heavy meals, taking the stairs as much as possible, following some basic stretching exercises and avoiding sitting at the same place for a long time is enough for a person’s body to keep moving. 

  1. FOOD: every human being is different and so is their food intake, depending on their culture, place of residence and of course personal choices. This is what makes us all unique and our food is a part of it. 

Many people would suggest the others to cut down on sugar or carbs or things like rice to lose weight but this is not the right way to consume food. Irrespective of your cultural background or personal choices, eating according to what we want to eat has proved to be more beneficial for the body than following a strict diet. 

One must make sure not to become addicted to junk foods and unhealthy options like oily foods, but apart from that, eating in the right proportion and according to one’s desire is pretty much enough for the body to generate energy from. 

  1. PLAY: all work and no play not just makes Jill but each one of us dull. In order to stay healthy and have a fulfilling balanced life, we should also remember to make playing or any creative endeavours of our choice a part of our lives. 

Playing sports is one example that not only allows the mind to be youthful and stay young, it also helps to burn calories that are not good for the body in excess. It also keeps the inner child alive, and allows one to feel enjoyment. 

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