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Everything you need to know about French provincial furniture

If there is a design that allows you to go further, it is definitely French design. Whether you are in the centre of New York or anywhere on the coast of California, when you step into a classic French country house, you will immediately feel that you are in the centre of Provence. However, although the design looks simple (like all French people), it follows a technique to achieve this completely imperfect aesthetic. In a French dream that is worthy of the social media such as Pinterest boards everywhere? Everything you want to know is available here.

French provincial bedroom furniture features:

French provincial bedroom at Wholesales Direct is characterized by convertible short legs and smooth and complex curves. The convertible leg is a unique curved leg that can be used for all types of furniture. These styles are contrary to the French royal furniture style. Dining chairs in this style are usually decorated with pattern carvings that are reminiscent of wheat and suggest the French countryside.

 Use neutral colours and pastels:

 The first important factor to consider in your country bedroom is the correct use of colours. In particular, the French style does not rely on light colours but uses a soft blend of natural and neutral tones to make the space open and attractive.

Various bedroom furniture:

There is not only a bed in the bedroom but also other furniture. French provincial bedroom at Wholesales Direct has many shapes, including coffee table, sofa, small coffee table, dressing table, wardrobe, a mirror table and so on. Easily stack different parts to create the best bedroom series for you. So make your room more interesting and elegant. The style of

Slightly different:

Although it looks almost the same if you haven’t studied it, the French country style is more relaxed than many French pieces of furniture, making it an informal expression of French local furniture.


Furniture is often painted or dyed, unlike the glossy varnish in big cities. Although some of them may have been “polished” in French, many people have turned to cheaper alternatives. A deep patina is often formed, which gives these works a unique appearance. One sign is that veneers are rarely used in this style of furniture.

Bohemia French country:

To realize the bohemian style of the French countryside, you must do something. Eliminate symmetry rules and eliminate the need to combine and mix bedside tables and lamps. The more unexpected the better. Build a national base in France and add items from other eras, and then you suddenly move the room to a brand new location.


When you buy a French provincial bedroom at Wholesales Direct made in the provinces of France, it is not difficult to remodel the bedroom. However, choosing a style is not enough, but you must remember that the design and style you choose will fit your budget in every way. …You can hire an interior designer and specify the style you want. They set a budget for you and everyone. You can relax in your furnished home.


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