Both organizations will leverage their knowledge to help Chinese practitioners gain instant access to Elsevier’s medical information and educational resources through digital platforms and services.

Although China has made significant improvements in its health care and quality of biotechnology in recent years. Inadequate and unequal distribution of medical problems still exists in vast geographical areas of the country.

Rural is a challenging medical resource in parts of China Building technology-related knowledge in professional and increasing world-class content in the healthcare field can help address some of these issues.

According to Elsevier, Mutual cooperation between the two companies will facilitate the exchange of medical information and evidence-based health information and clinical content will be accessed. This will also enhance the medical decision-making and care performance of physicians.


Elsevier recently announced plans to acquire Dublin-based 3D4 Medical, a startup specializing in digital medical education tools, according to a Mobi Health News report. In recent years, Tencent has steadily increased its investment in the life sciences and cooperated with many high international Scientific Journals.

In January 2019, Tencent also signed a strategic collaboration agreement with German Pharma giant Merck Company Dave. The primary focus of this collaboration is to raise awareness and provide public health services to the public through digital platforms in China.


Not only 14% of scientific practice takes 17 years to get into daily practice and we want to change that. We leverage our shared strengths in health new science information and advanced digital technologies, collaboration with Tencent to improve the professional knowledge of Chinese physicians. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that can better support China’s physicians and the ‘Healthy China’ national objectives,” said Jan Herzhoff, Managing Director of Health Solutions, Asia Pacific, Elsevier in a statement.

Mr. Zhang Meng, Vice President, Tencent Life Science Practice, said: ”Tech for good’ is an important part of Tencent’s new mission and vision. Doctors are the guardians of people’s health. Having uninterrupted access to the latest medical knowledge and keeping up with cutting-edge health advancement are the core needs of the doctor community.”

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