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Elaine Thompson

Elaine Thompson’s sprint double crown for the second time in a row

Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Hera won the doubles in the girls’ Olympic sprint for the second time in a row. After winning gold in the 100m sprint, he won gold in the 200m sprint today. He took 21.53 seconds.

Thompson-Hera seemed confident running from the start. But in the last 30 meters, 18-year-old Namibian sprinter Christian Emboma challenged him well. He won the silver medal with a time of 21.61 seconds.

Gabby Thomas of the United States was already in the discussion at this event. He, however, won the bronze. He took 21.94 seconds. However, Shelley-Ann Fraser Price, who won 100 meters, became the fourth.

At the Tokyo Olympics, there is a significant deficit in the tendency of athletes to adhere to corona-related rules. In the beginning, there were restrictions on all issues, but as time goes on, a kind of relaxation is being observed in this regard. In the meantime, there has been a lot of hustle and bustle in the Olympic Village, even drinking together. The organizers have already warned the culprits in this regard.

Corona is currently hosting the Olympics in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. During the transition, the event caused outrage among the Japanese people. They feared that coronary heart disease would increase in Japan due to the Olympics. In the face of strong opposition and public objections, the organizers of the Olympics issued various rules to prevent transmission. Code of conduct is also made for athletes. But the reluctance of many to comply with the code of conduct has worried the organizers.

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The coronavirus broke through the defenses long before the Olympics. Meanwhile, the number of corona victims at the Tokyo Olympics is 353. Today, 31 people were infected with corona on Thursday. According to the number of victims, the security at the Tokyo Olympics is already ineffective.

Two Georgian athletes have broken the rules. One of the corona restrictions imposed on the Olympics was not to go outside the Games Village. But two Georgian athletes broke the rules and went out for a walk. However, they could not escape the attention of the organizers. Meanwhile, the process of expelling two Georgian athletes has begun. Interestingly, these two athletes have won medals in judo. They admitted that they went out to see the city outside the Games Village after finishing their event. Georgia has formally apologized for breaking two of its own medal-winning rules.