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Bring Out Your Networking Expertise with Microsoft 70-741 Exam Dumps

Bring Out Your Networking Expertise with Microsoft 70-741 Exam Dumps

Do you ever feel stuck with your career? Advance your IT profession and become an in-demand asset to the organization with a Microsoft certification. With your Microsoft credential, it will be easy for you to take on basic and challenging tasks. And if you want to be a highly skilled networking administrator or computer network specialist, you’ve got to prepare diligently for Microsoft exam 70-741 and earn its brilliant MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification.

Becoming a networking specialist with exam 70-741

Microsoft exam VCE introduces you to the significance of networking in Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Through the exam, you will learn a lot about DNS servers and its related features like Socket Pool, Root Hints, Powershell, GlobalNames, Zone Scapes, and such. Also part of the exam objectives are IPAM, DHCP, RBAC, NAT, NPS, and VPN. Likewise, the exam will talk about key connectivity topics including remote access, DirectAccess, and distributed network solutions. To complete the topics, you should have skills to work with complex network infrastructure and SDN concepts such as Switch Embedded Teaming, Data Center Bridging, VM Queue, Hyper-V Network, and more.

The most strategic process of securing an MCSA certification

If the above topics highly attract you, you’ve got to start preparing for exam 70-741 as early as now. There are different ways to learn but all boil down to the proper usage of the right materials. So, to help you with your certification journey, here are the best materials to use for this particular Microsoft exam.

  • Stimulate your understanding with books

Books, of course, will always be on top of the list. These physical materials will never go out of trend despite the growing supply of online resources. Books do play a vital role in your certification process. And the most recommended book is the Exam Ref 70-741 authored by A. Warren (December 2016). This is the official test guide that will help you acquire insights through rigorous topic discussions, case scenarios, and reviews. This one is available at Microsoft Press Store as well as Amazon visit .

  • Strengthen your exam foundation with other exam guides

Trying out books other than the official materials is something that you need to do when preparing for a Microsoft exam. This will help you in expanding your exam vocabulary as well as optimizing your skills. Some of the finest books that you can use are the MCSA 70-741 Cert Guide by M. Schulz, Hands-on Lab Manual Guide by Pro TechGurus, and MCSA Windows Server 2016 Complete Study Guide by W. Panek. All these books give you an impressive coverage of the exam objectives.

  • Boost your mental power with training courses

Complement your books with some comprehensive Microsoft courses. One of the best online lectures is definitely the “Windows Server 2016: Basic Networking”, a 5-week course that is run by Microsoft developers and technical consultants. To fully grasp the entire course objectives, you need to spend at least 4 to 5 hours per week. After completion of this material, you’ll become more adept with central Windows networking functions, particularly DNS and DHCP.

  • Accelerate your comprehension with the aid of an instructor

If you need further assistance, you can have the expert-led Course 20741B. This is probably the most ideal training for those who prefer a classroom set-up. With a teacher to guide you, it will be much easier to understand the topics. Plus, you have the option to take the class remotely. For this lecture, you have to allocate 5 days so that you’ll take in the topics from cover to cover.

  • Increase your self-confidence with exam dumps

Answering several exam dumps not just improves your exam mastery but also heighten your confidence. So, if you’re looking for remarkable dumps, simply visit and you’ll be in awe with their exam dumps selection for 70-741. They actually have some free ete files to try and practice your skills. Aside from that, you can also pay attention to their premium bundles, each of which represents a collection of verified materials. For 70-741 exam you’ll find a premium file, a study guide, and a training course. Note, that you’ll train with an effective software that represents a real exam environment and is known as the ETE Exam Simulator.

  • Keep learning with some online forums

Often than not, you get significant knowledge from experience. Thus, it’s very important that you join official forums supported by Microsoft so you gain extra information from your fellow Microsoft professionals. Further, the online community gives you the chance to improve your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. And of course, this is also a great avenue to meet new friends and grow your professional network!

Some important reminders to keep an eye with

The Microsoft 70-741 exam is the second one from the series of the three that you are to pass to become MCSA certified in Windows Server 2016. The first test that you’ve already done before taking 70-741 test is 70-740, while the third one is 70-742. They deal with installation, compute, and storage functionalities, as well as identifying features of Windows Server 2016. This means that you’ve got to totally brave yourself with this MCSA credential because you have to go through a series of exams to make you a certified Windows Server 2016 specialist.

Another thing to note is the urgency of these cert exams. You might have heard or read that Microsoft is certainly motivated to complete the revamp of its certification track. Therefore, there’s a great possibility that exam 70-741 will be phased out and be replaced with a newer technical exam. Consequently, you have to act as soon as possible if you really want to pass this test and secure its credentials.


Are you ready to take on the challenging route of acquiring the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification? If yes, then bring your A-game with Microsoft exam 70-741, and soon you’ll have your own MCSA validation. Stay focused on your career goals because you definitely have the potential to become a top-rated networking professional! Use the materials covered in this article to pass 70-741 exam and practice with the most valid and updated exam dumps. Pass the test from your first trial! 

Wish you success! 

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