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Best 3 ways to convert WEBP to JPG

Best 3 ways to convert WEBP to JPG

WEBP is a rather popular picture format that is used to provide lossless compression for images on the internet. Because of their compression rate, Google and other websites use WebP to save 25 to 34% space depending on the image. But WebP is not supported by many platforms and applications. 

Here are 3 of the best applications to convert WEBP to JPG – a format that is very popular and supported by most applications:


XnConvert is a choice of millions of people who are looking to convert images from one format to another. Not only do they support WEBP to JPG formats, but also format a variety of other formats. The reason why many people use XnConvert is because its feature-rich and has a variety of options to make sure the user gets the best possible quality image of their own accord. 

How to convert WEBP to JPG

Here is a brief guide on how to convert WEBP to JPG in XnConvert:

  1. Download and install XnConvert on your Windows computer system. 
  2. Click on “Input” tab and you will find the option to add images.
  3. Browse for your favourite WebP images and click “Ok” to add them into the software – or simply drag & drop them in the application. 
  4. After adding your favourite images, head over to the third tab “Output”. 
  5. Here you will find the option of choosing output folder and format. Choose “JPG – JPEG/JFAF”.
  6. Head over to settings to adjust whatever settings work best for you.
  7. Click on Convert in the bottom right corner of the application. 
  8. The application should convert the image in seconds.
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Onlineconvertfree is perhaps the best platform to convert WEBP to JPG. The platform itself supports a variety of formats ranging from audio, video & images to even documents. Because of its clean interface and fast response time, it has become a popular option nowadays.

How to convert WEBP to JPG

Even though is extremely easy to use, here is a guide on how to convert WEBP to JPG:

  1. Head over to and you will be greeted with the option to choose a file to convert.
  2. Don’t choose a file yet. Scroll down a little until you find “JPG converter” under “Images”.
  3. Click on JPG Converter, and you will be shown an interface where you can drop/drop your input WebP image or browse for it. 
  4. After choosing the image, you can choose between output formats. It should have chosen JPG by default. 
  5. Click on “Convert” and wait a few seconds for the computer to upload the image onto the website. 
  6. Your JPG image can now be downloaded & used anywhere you want.

RealWorld Paint

RealWord Paint might be an image editor, but it can also work as a WEBP to JPG converter. This is one of the many reasons why people prefer to use RealWorld Paint. The interface is clean, and it should work with a lot of computer systems. 

How to convert WEBP to JPG

Although RealWorld Paint is not meant to be used directly as a converter, it still offers one of the best ways to convert easily. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to convert WEBP to JPG:

  1. Download and install RealWorld Paint.
  2. Open the application and you will be prompted to import an image. 
  3. Import your favourite WEBP image.
  4. Edit the image if you like and then click on “File”. You will find the option of “Save as” here.
  5. Click on “Save As” and from the drop-down menu of formats, choose “JPG”. 
  6. You can customize the quality and various other options while converting, which is a big plus.
  7. Your JPG image should be ready in no more than a few seconds.
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Final Thoughts:

Because it’s an online platform, we recommend The platform is hassle-free, doesn’t take space on your device and works with most devices. It also saves bandwidth and precious time spent on downloading a dedicated application.

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