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Bamboo Products to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Bamboo Products to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Single use plastic is one of the worlds worst contributors to waste. Plastic is cheap and versatile but becoming an environmental issue. Plastic bottles, bags and plastic junk gradually break into smaller and smaller pieces known as micro plastic which damage ecosystem.

On the other hand our plastic waste can take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose.Would you like to see less plastic in your home and less plastic waste in the world?  Choose bamboo products for your bathroom. It can be lotion dispenser, soap dish or toothbrush holder. What are the benefits of bamboo? 

Everything made of bamboo is very durable and looks beautiful. And above of all, it’s totally organic and biodegradable! Keep in mind that bamboo is a grass, so it’s more water resistant than wood and you can use it without any problem in your bathroom.

Buy yourself a bamboo bath set of accessories that will make your time in bathroom more pleasurable. Bamboo ear buds, toothbrushes, dishwashing sponges, reusable make up cotton pads or towels are considered organic because bamboo is a fast-growing plant.  

A single bamboo plant can grow up to 1 meter a day. A bamboo grove releases 35% more oxygen into the air than the same amount of trees, and it matures within 7 years .

If you plan to reduce your family’s carbon footprint or use more environmental-friendly products, bamboo products are the best choice for you.

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