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Are there Any Good Spots to Visit in Pondicherry?

There are so many destinations that you may not have explored yet. It is always a bliss to explore spots that enlighten you and make you feel happy. Have you ever been to Pondicherry? Well, if the answer is no then you are truly missing out on something wow and amazing.

Well, it is true that India is unique but have you any idea that you can experience the flavour of France in India? Yes, Pondicherry, the preferred and most loved Union territory of India, one of the seven; is a delightful holiday destination in India. The former French colony along the splendid Bay of Bengal is really enthralling. The top fascination in Pondicherry will form for you an unforgettable vacation with stimulating sights and experiences. So, look for a Hotel in Pondicherry and do your booking right away. For now, have a look at some amazing spots of this place for doubling your attraction.


Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges is also known as  Our Lady of Angels Church is one of the most splendid and popular places to visit in Pondicherry. It is reputed for its amazing stonework, the church has an amazing appearance that is enthused from the churches in France, mainly the stunning and jaw dropping Basilica at Lourdes in Southern France.

Limestone blended with white of eggs were mixed to form up a blend that gives it a marble like look. The church altar owns a statue of Our Lady gripping a baby Jesus in her arms. Inside the church, there are huge eight barrel vaults and a central dome that is stabbed with eight round openings. SO, it is a place that is going to get you artistic flavour of stylish art work and you will get positive vibes too.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Spiritual delight is one of the reasons that tourists from far and wide spots plan a holiday in Pondicherry. The  Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a well-known place. it is a spiritual community that was established at Pondicherry by Sri Aurobindo Ghosh on November 24th in the year 1926. The ashram has since turn out to be one of the prime destinations for tourists and spiritual seekers. The main aims and ideals of the ashrams are grounded on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa. 

Moreover, this ashram possesses several offices, a rich library, a printing press, art gallery, playground, a dispensary/nursing home, dairy, guest houses, farms, bakery etc. the main building in the establishment are the marble Samadhi that is the resting place of both Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa. You can visit there from 8 am to 12 noon and then from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Promenade beach

Beaches are always a great pleasure if you are a fan. Of course, you can get along the shore line and feel the natural vibes form the waves of the beach. Well, here, the Promenade beach is among the most well-known places to visit in Pondicherry. The rock-lined shore that is , 1.2km long stretch is dotted with monuments, popular sites, cafes, eateries, restaurants, roadside food stalls, shopping options and even that of hotels. 

You just need to take a walk on the promenade and you will feel reenergised. You must stop to admire the statue of Marquis Dupleix. Pay compliments to the Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Don’t forget to Visit the First World War Memorial.  You can sit on the rocks seeing the playful waves hitting the rocks. And of course, capture a lot of pictures for your trip gallery.

It is true that from a break from the city or your daily busy routines, Promenade is a picturesque getaway. Stroll, dine, take pics and or enjoy the charming setting along the attractive views of the Bay of Bengal.

Chunnambar Boat House

At a distance of only 6 km Pondicherry Bus Station, Chunnambar Boat House even known as Plage Paradiso is well-known for its backwaters and it is a well-known boating venue and is. situated on the Cuddalore main road, the backwater is located at a point where the Chunnambar River blends with Bay of Bengal. Paradise beach is generally reached by boat from Chunnambar Boat House. And you have no clue how wonderful it feels to be on the boat amidst splendid surroundings.

Chunnambar Boat House is perfect for boating and also a great picnic spot.  You can even try out different adventure activities at this place. of course, if you love adventure then this place is going to make you really happy. the adventure and fun activities will bring a smile on your face and leave you enthralled for sure.

Paradise Beach

If you love to go to beaches then you would love this place for sure. Just like its name, Paradise beach is really a world apart. It is adorned with splendid golden sands, this is a small-isolated haven, one of the top fascinations in Pondicherry.  Moreover, reaching the beach is stunning as the shoreline itself. You need to take the ferry traveling through the backwaters enclosed with thick mangrove forests that takes around twenty to thirty minutes to get to the golden shores.

Spot birds, stroll on the silky sands, relish the opportunity to get some great photos or sitting and relishing the waves. A variety of water sports facilities are also available for enthusiastic tourists to try a luck at fishing as you can easily get fishing rods and nets on rent. So, it will be a delightful and exciting experience for sure. if you love fishing then you may find it even more enjoyable and happening.

Botanical Garden

At a distance of only 1.5 km Pondicherry Bus Station, the Botanical Garden is situated south of the New Bus Stand and is one of the main Pondicherry Tourist Places. The Botanical Garden together with Aquarium was established in 1826.

The beautiful Botanical Gardens is scattered over an area of 22 acres in the mid of the city. The garden is a well-known retreat for locals and tourists. It is spread with clipped trees, flower beds and fountains. Perrott was responsible for transforming the spot into a botanical garden. His memorial can be seen within the garden premises. He introduced different types of exotic plants from across the world. In 1960, after the Transmission of Power from the French, the garden turned out to be the hub of horticultural development in Pondicherry.


So, if you are not yet packing your bags, do it now. You must not miss out the thrill, enjoyment, richness, and pleasure of Pondicherry.

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