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Advantages of Studying in CBSE Board Compared to State Boards

Parents always opt for The Central Board of Secondary Education, popularly known as CBSE for their children. In India, the CBSE Board is considered one of the prestigious educational boards that provide school-level education. It is regarded as the national board of India. Students studying in CBSE Board stand a superior possibility of clearing the All-India Engineering Entrance Examination, IIT-JEE and the All-India Pre Medical-Test. CBSE conducts Class 10 and Class 12 examination along with major competitive exams like JEE, AIEEE, etc.


In comparison to the State Board, CBSE Board is considered more challenging, but it is more student-friendly and engaging to study. Even the CBSE syllabus is designed in such a way that students face less pressurize as compared to State Boards. CBSE Board follows the textbooks published by NCERT, which are more interactive and exciting. This article will discuss more advantages about studying in the CBSE Board than other State Boards. Ultimately, it’s up to their parents on which Board they want their kids to begin their academic journey. 


Pros of Studying in CBSE Board Compared to State Boards


  1. CBSE Board gives more flexibility to students in terms of pursuing their field of interest. It allows students to choose their area of interest at every stage without any compulsion to pick a specific stream. In this way, it boosts the students’ confidence level and eventually helps them believe in the system.
  2. Even in terms of syllabus CBSE Board provides more student-friendly in comparison to State Boards. CBSE syllabus is structured in such a way that students find it easier to understand and make it more stress-free. The syllabus of CBSE is also essential for those students who are preparing for competitive exams as these exams are conducted as per the syllabus designed by the CBSE Board. CBSE’s curriculum will help students pursue future studies from prestigious institutions like IIT, AIIMS, etc. 
  3. After completing studies from CBSE Board, students get lots of opportunities because most of India’s competitive exams are all based on CBSE syllabus. It is a significant benefit they will get when they study in CBSE schools.
  4. CBSE provides all the essential study materials for exam purposes. Students can download these materials from the Board official website. It gives them NCERT solutions, sample papers, previous year papers, etc. Even the question paper is prepared based on these study materials.
  5. Along with studies, CBSE Board also encourages students to give equal importance to sports and other extracurricular activities. It also provides a lot of emphasis on the physical growth of the children. The efforts taken by the Board ensures that students learn from the entire process.


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So, because of the reasons mentioned above, parents always prefer CBSE Board over State Boards. Every board has its pros and cons, but the advantage of studying in CBSE Board is that students passing from this board get recognition across India. Students studying in CBSE Board can access exam-related materials from their official website such as CBSE Sample Paper 2020, previous year papers, etc.


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