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A Car Owner’s Guide to Common Suspension Problems

According to the AAA, pothole damage costs motorists $3 billion annually in vehicle repairs. Many of those repairs go to broken axles and trashed suspensions.

This costs car owners money and emotional distress. Potholes are only the tip of the iceberg, though.

All collision damage on the undercarriage can be minimized or reduced by having good shocks or a good car suspension system.

Want to know more about finding car suspension problems and how to fix suspension problems? Keep reading to find out.

Car Suspension System 101

Your car suspension is a vital component of making your car work. Without it, not only would you have a bumpy, uncomfortable, and noisy ride, it would also be dangerous.

  • The suspension system does a variety of things, like:
  • Controlling spring and suspension movement
  • Giving enhanced handling and braking
  • Preventing tire wear
  • Keeping tires in contact with the road at all times
  • Provides wheel alignment
  • Reduces overall wear on the vehicle

As you can see, some of the benefits of a suspension help your wallet, some help your back, and all of them protect your life and health.

The system is made up of the chassis or body of the car, springs which support the weight of the vehicle and absorb shock, and shock absorbers and struts.

Tell-Tale Signs of Suspension Problems

There’s a variety of signs that belie a problem with suspension problems. It’s no wonder when there are potholes, railroad tracks, snow, rain, dirt roads, and more to navigate. Over the years, they cause excessive wear manifesting as:

  • Pulling to one side
  • Feeling every bump
  • One wheel sitting low
  • Diving on braking
  • Squatting on accelerating
  • Rolling when cornering
  • Difficulty steering (especially to low speeds)
  • Shock struts are greasy or oily

Any of these signs might mean going to parts stores or an online auto parts warehouse for advice and possibly new suspension system parts. Even if your mechanic says that they get parts at a steeper discount than you do, they will still mark them up.

Make sure you can get the best price possible for your new suspension by shopping around. Often cars are still drivable for a little bit longer, even if you have to wait for parts to come in.

Suspension Problems: Solved

Taking into account that you don’t need special equipment to detect a bumpy ride or oily-looking shock absorbers it’s easy to detect suspension problems. Fortunately, it’s also not too difficult to find replacement or upgrade parts for your vehicle.

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