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A Brief Guide on Wallets: Which Materials You’ll Benefit From

A Brief Guide on Wallets: Which Materials You’ll Benefit From

A wallet is an important element of the wardrobe even in our day and age when we practically stopped carrying paper money. Now, a wallet is reliable storage for credit cards, discount and bonus cards, family photos, business cards, and all sorts of small things. Of course, you can spread your essentials all over your outfit but nothing steps down your style as much as protruding and jiggling pockets. Every man and woman needs a wallet. First of all, a wallet is practical. Secondly, it is necessary for the safety of your possessing. Finally, a trendy wallet is simply beautiful.

Things to Consider When Buying a Wallet

You should pay the utmost attention to the material a wallet is made of. Today, we have been witnessing a vegan trend that has embraced not only what we eat but also what we wear. It is great that we can create beautiful and stylish goods without harming animals. However, vegan leather has one significant drawback – it is short-lived. If you need a wallet for a couple of seasons, artificial materials will do. But if you value long-lasting items in a classic style, you need real leather.

Cowhide and Counterparts for Wallets

All leathers are unique. The animal skins differ not only in durability but also in appearance, softness, and suppleness.

The most popular option for wallets is cow leather (cowhide). This is a supple, elastic, and sturdy material with a nice natural texture. It well perceives various types of tanning, processing, and finishing. If you keep it away from moisture and regularly treat it with creams or waxes for leather, a cowhide wallet will last for decades. Over time, though, its surface will lose the luster and become rough. Many people even like this retro weathered look. Some designs benefit from artificially aged cowhide. For example, a genuine leather biker wallet in the Western or old-school style may feature ‘designer’ scuffs and scratches.

Bull skin or steerhide is very dense, tough, durable leather with a thickness of 2.5 – 5 mm. It is heavy-duty, wear-resistant, and practically insensitive to moisture. It is used for bags, wallets, and backpacks in ethnic, country, and biker styles.

Buffalo leather is the densest, toughest, and heaviest genuine leather. Its signature features are a thickness of 0.9 to 3 mm and a recognizable “coarse” (or “reaped”) texture. Thanks to being resistant to moisture and mechanical damage, it is very stout and durable. Buffalo leather is a popular option for biker accessories although it is rather expensive.

Exotic Leather for Wallets

Genuine cowhide or skin of domestic animals is a time-tested and reliable option. However, if you want to turn heads with a flash of your wallet, exotic leather is exactly what you need. You will have plenty of options to choose from:

Sea Snake Leather

The leather of a sea snake is an incredibly thin, supple, and soft material. It is pleasant to the touch and looks grand. It has a unique pattern resembling a honeycomb. Unfortunately, this is the least durable exotic skin. Even with proper care, its service life does not exceed 7 years.

Stingray skin

Its main benefit is excellent water and fire resistance. Handbags and wallets made of stingray skin can withstand intensive use without losing their beautiful appearance. Stingray leather is almost impossible to tear or cut meaning your wallet will last at least 25 years even without any special care. Besides this, stingray skin is one of the most beautiful materials – its surface is strewn with small shiny bulges resembling beads.

Python skin.

It attracts with a one-of-a-kind pattern that never repeats in various individuals. There are no identical wallets made of python skin. On top of it, this exotic leather is famous for its practicality. Even after 15 years of use, your wallet will retain its flawless appearance and functionality.

Crocodile leather

The most durable, luxurious, and stunning leather. It is adored in the fashion world – a real crocodile leather purse or a wallet will earn you a reputation of a fashion-forward persona.

Crocodile cell patterns, despite looking similar, are all unique. This means that you will never find two absolutely look-alike crocodile leather wallets. If you touch the surface of crocodile leather, it will feel rough due to the horny plates that constitute a crocodile’s exoskeleton.

How to Wear Exotic Leather Accessories

A presence of an exotic leather wallet in your pocket doesn’t make you a stylish person by default. You should stick to certain rules of thumb to make you image harmonious. This is how you ought to wear exotic leather accessories:

• Due to striking designs and unusual patterns, it is better to combine exotic leather wallets with basic wardrobe items. Otherwise, the image will come out cheap and tasteless.

• Wear accessories made of python, stingray, and crocodile leather with classic-style apparel. To be fair, exotic leather accessories go well even with regular jeans.

• Keep it simple. Remember, luxury requires moderation. Therefore, it is better to stick to a sole exotic leather accessory.

• Avoid vibrant prints. Choose plain items without artificial patterns or prints. Such models stand the test of time and remain relevant despite up-to-the-minute trends.

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