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10 Wedding Themes You Can Choose From

10 Wedding Themes You Can Choose From

What can be more difficult for an about-to-wed couple than to come up with the perfect wedding theme? Nothing that I can come up with right now, really.

So, to help you get started, I have highlighted 10 wedding themes to choose from whether you are going for something romantic or are leaning toward something old and vintage or a more modern and new style. In the meanwhile, for a venue that aligns with your rustic style wedding, check out on Pigeon Forge’s most rustic wedding barn and venue.


The whimsical theme is for the couple whose part of lifestyle is the mismatching of colors. This theme is all about making use of multicolor elements from your balloons to your tables and chairs, to your photo boots, and the entire design elements of your wedding venue. But not only should they be multicolored, your floral arrangements and streamers should be likewise bright, punchy, and quirky.

Casual or Garden Party

If you would love a deep touch of nature in your wedding party, this is for you. A garden party is, of course, an outdoor wedding common in Summer or Spring among couples who have a beautiful backyard garden. This theme makes your ceremony more intimate and casual. It is a cost-effective approach especially if you own the garden being used and are not to pay for a venue. Yay!

Southern Theme

Were you born and raised in the South? If you and your spouse are two southerners, the majority of your guests are likely to be southerners as well. And that’s where this southern inspired theme becomes the best. Bring the southern charm alive by appearing in cowboy boots and hats, treating your guests to bourbon-infused cocktails and comfort bites, and decorating your venue with pops of deep and bright colors in rich blues and pastel hues. Just try as much as possible to add all the southern components that you can and you’ll be good.

Art Deco

For all those couples who are obsessively in love with vanity, this theme is for you. Art Deco is a timeless wedding style that is mainly characterized by lavishness, systematic combination of shapes, the use of ornate gold and sparkles, and a bold, robust font.


Here is one of the newest wedding themes developed by the new generation of couples who are leaning more towards aligning their everything with the wellbeing of our precious planet. It all begins with the wedding venue which is important to be an outdoor in order to ditch the burning of fuel or the usage of electricity for lighting and ventilation. Biodegradable elements are used in place of plastics or steel. And a touch of nature is included. This theme can be combined with the Garden wedding style.

Celestial Theme

If you’re of the opinion that your love was made in the stars, this theme is the best way to project your POV. It’s all about implementing shiny, glimmering elements in sparklcolors

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