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Does Your Business Need A Scissor Lift?

Does Your Business Need A Scissor Lift?

According to Safe Work Australia, repetitive lifting of heavy objects leads to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).  Experts recommend using aerial lifts like scissor lifts since many businesses require some heavy lifting to reach elevated areas in a warehouse. These machines can be expensive to purchase for one-time use. Therefore, it makes sense to consider scissor lift for hire.

Choosing a scissor lift for the job has to be the right size, height, and weight. Here is a look at some industries that benefit from scissor lifts.


Instead of using a ladder, a scissor lift for hire is a safer alternative, especially when trimming high trees.  Trimming requires both vertical and horizontal mobility.  With a scissor lift, tree trimmers can access hard to reach branches.  Scissor lifts are also stable even if the ground is uneven.


The kind of scissor lifts used in construction depends on the following factors:

  • Conditions of the terrain
  • Weight of equipment or workers
  • Height
  • Stability of the load  
  • Method of loading
  • Comfortable platform size

When it comes to the power supply, there is some flexibility in the choice of scissor lifts:

  • Hydraulic

These are either operated by hand or engine-driven.  Since these are easy to operate, it does not require much training to handle.  Hydraulic scissor lifts are suitable for cases wherein speed is not essential.

  • Diesel

These scissor lifts reach heights of 30 to 60 feet. However, they can be noisy and emit dangerous fumes from the diesel.  Therefore, construction sites with proper ventilation and tolerable noise are suitable places for diesel scissor lifts.

  • Electric

Compared to diesel scissor lifts, these are silent and do not emit fumes.  They are also relatively smaller, making them ideal for compact areas.

  • Pneumatic

These scissor lifts use air pressure and are ideal choices for those who want to reduce carbon footprint.  Although not as powerful as the others, these scissor lifts are suitable for light indoor projects.

Building Maintenance

Scissor lifts can move from one area to another, making them a popular choice in building maintenance activities:

  • Changing ceiling lights
  • Hanging posters and banners
  • Changing signs
  • Painting walls and ceilings

While ladders are the usual choice for these jobs, scissor lifts have the advantage of accommodating many workers and equipment in the platform.  Moreover, workers can cover a fuller area without having to reposition themselves, a common problem with ladders. 


According to a recent article, the eCommerce industry is rising worldwide, including in Australia.  Stacking of products on high shelves of warehouses saves on rental space.  A scissor lift is a big help – workers can move around with less effort while reaching for products.

Aside from productivity and saving time, the usage of scissor lifts also prevents back injuries.  Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is common among warehouse workers who handle repetitive vertical and horizontal lifting of heavy objects.

These are just four industries wherein scissor lifts for hire have been proven useful.  However, it is essential to remember that scissor lifts should not be overloaded.  Otherwise, it may collapse and cause injuries to workers and property.  Likewise, falling weights happen whenever there is improper load placement.  Lastly, workers should also be wearing protective gear, especially when handling sensitive products.  

To keep a business safe and productive, owners should consider purchasing or renting scissor lifts.  Some companies provide a variety of construction equipment for your needs.

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