Home Sports Why Andre Iguodala thinks Steph Curry shouldn’t play again this season

Why Andre Iguodala thinks Steph Curry shouldn’t play again this season

Why Andre Iguodala thinks Steph Curry shouldn't play again this season

The plan is for the Warriors to provide an update on Steph Curry’s status at some point in early February.

And two-time NBA MVP is expected to return to game action sometime this season.

Does Andre Iguodala think Curry should return to court? This question was Answered on Friday morning when ESPN’S ”Frist Teke” debuted the 2015 NBA Finals MVP began with a joke. 

”Selfish reasons, no. He hurt his left hand If it hurts you can’t play golf with your left hand.

The Andre Iguodala then provided that we think he had a genuine opinion on the matter.

” think he needs a real break in terms of being able,” The soon-to-be 36-year-old explained, These are long-standing mental causes.”

”I think it’s better for him mentally to be able to step away, be able to get a nice breather. He gonna come back on wrath next year.”

Going straight to the top five NBA Finals definitely took a toll on Curry, his a partner and the entire franchise certainly hurt, This ”gap year” really can be a good thing in the long run.

But the three-time NBA champion is dying to return to court, and it would be very surprising if he continues to suffer until next season. Despite this fact, the Dubs have the worst record n the NBA and their draft has lottery odds are at stake.

As for Iguodala’s status-he is still waiting on the Memphis Grizzlies to strike a trade before the Feb. 6 deadline. If no deal comes to fruition, you can assume the two sides would agree on a buyout and Iguodala would be free to sign with any team other than Golden State.

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