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What Matthew Lepre Reviews Say About Ecom Warrior Academy

Do you want to earn thousands of dollars with your online business? You need to enroll yourself in a mentoring program. As there are many coaches out there, you need to choose the right person to help you with your eCommerce business. 

One person you should consider is Matthew Lepre, founder of the famed Ecom Warrior Academy. With his easy-to-follow videos, he has helped many of his students make money online. 

Do you want to be one of them? Then these Matthew Lepre reviews should help you make an informed decision. 

Ashwin: Matthew Lepre’s Young Marketing Protege

Ashwin is one of Stallon and Matt’s most promising success stories. 

At 15 years old, he was able to earn $140,000 worth of sales. And to make it even better, he achieved this six-figure profit in just four months! 

Ashwin attributes his marketing success to the Dropshipping Accelerator mentorship program. Here, the affiliate learned insider tips on product research, online store creation, and the proper management of Facebook ads. 

Thanks to his booming business, Ashwin can now do whatever he wants. In his last interview, the teenager was in Bali, Indonesia, enjoying much of his free (yet profitable) time.

He was also quick to invite those who watched his Ecom Warrior Academy review. He said, “If you guys want to change your life, then you should get this program.”

Max: An Easy $4,000 Profit on His Shopify Website

Like Ashwin, 20-year-old Melbourne resident Max wanted to earn money quickly. That’s when he discovered the Ecom Warrior Academy Dropshipping Accelerator Course. 

Despite the price tag, he saw this as the training program he needed. With the course, he gained the knowledge he needed to know for his eCommerce website. He uncovered the secrets to building a successful site and even figured out the correct cost for running profitable Facebook ads. 

More importantly, he found it easy to make a sales call. Max didn’t expect it, but Matthew Lepre and his fellow coaches always replied promptly. The quick assistance allowed him to build his dropshipping site with relative ease.

Like most of Matthew’s students, Max thrived with this better business model. At first launch, he managed to earn $1,000 a week, giving him a respectable profit of $4,000 a month. 

Dev: Earned $5,000 in Six Days 

In his social media post, 26-year-old Dev had nothing but praises for the Ecom Warrior Academy courses.

And why not? Six days into launching his website, he already earned a whopping $5,000. 

However, Dev’s path to making money was not an easy one. He searched far and wide for mentoring calls that turned out to be a scam. 

Everything changed when he met Matt. 

Dev enjoyed the structured training content, which was offered in the black-and-white format that he liked. He found the lessons easy to understand, especially for a person who didn’t know anything about the online business model. 

Lo and behold, 48 hours into the course, Dev already finished his first dropshipping store. He even finished his Facebook shop in a short four hours! 

More importantly, Dev was happy with the phenomenal support that Matthew Lepre gave him. And because of that, he managed to earn $5,000 right off the bat. 

Guy: Made $47,000 with Ecom Warrior Academy’s Help

As with most of Matthew Lepre’s mentees, Guy had no prior experience in the dropshipping business. Everybody thought of it as a scam since he earned $47,000 with his first eCommerce store.

According to the 25-year-old Sydney affiliate, all this was made possible by Matt’s training program. 

In the recent month, he was able to make $13,000 with drop shipping. He also had a customer return rate of almost 6%, which means buyers often come back to purchase more from his Shopify website. 

Like other mentees, he gladly recommends the marketing course to anyone who wants to succeed with eCommerce. 

Don: Earned $3,000 with Matthew Lepre’s Assistance

As with any other customer, Don was searching for a course that can help him run online businesses. Sadly, his search often ended in vain. 

He spent a great deal of money over two courses and one expensive mentorship call, but to no avail. His dropshipping site wasn’t gaining traction as he hoped it would. 

His long-term luck changed when he gained access to Matthew’s legit training scheme in the Ecom Warrior Academy. 

Like every other affiliate, Don managed to scale his shop. And in just a few days and a low starting cost, he earned an impressive $3,000.

As you see, Matthew Lepre reviews point to the effectiveness of his training program and modules. If you want to gain support just like these patrons did, you should invest in the Dropshipping Accelerator plan today.

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