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Tory conference: Five things to look out for in Manchester

Boris Johnson to set out details of ‘final’ Brexit offer


The Conservative Party’s Annual Conference will be held in Manchester. But with the Brexit issue still unresolved and a new Prime Minister there are many things to be discussed.

There’s a likelihood that the prime minister makes some policy announcements ahead of the general election that could take place this autumn?  Though following some recent disputes about his comments in Parliament there’s a possibility that he will focus more on his language.

Boris Johnson’s speech is scheduled to be the closing event on Wednesday, which is the final day. But, with the Supreme Court decision overruling the prorogation – suspension – of Parliament, Parliament will be sitting throughout the conference.

Wednesday is also when prime minister’s questions takes place. It’s been reported that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will fill in for the PM in the Commons.

Whatever happens, Mr Johnson will hope things go more smoothly than Theresa May’s mishap-ridden speech of 2017.

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